Gus Dapperton Is Bringing Polly People to Houston!

Written by on October 24, 2019

Gus Dapperton is a 22-year-old one-man band who writes, produces, and even engineer his tracks. This New York native has a very creative way of expressing himself in his songs. Gus’ lyrics tell a different story that in some ways represent his life. Gus is part of the promising new “Bedroom Pop” wave which includes Clario, Yellow Days, Cuco, and many more.

Gus’ most recent full-length project,  Where Polly People Go to Read, was a rollercoaster to listen to with upbeat love song “Verdigris” starting you off. The production on the track pays homage to the 90’s pop era with the use of cowbells and drums creating an infectious tempo that makes you want to dance. “Nomadicon” is another addictive track that resembles 90’s pop, specifically Boyz II Men. The lyrics tell a story about a man who is abusive mentally and physically to the women around him. He’s in away apologizing for his actions while still doing the actions due to the fact that he hates being alone.

The album features two of my top favorite records to be released this year, “My Favorite Fish” and “Fill Me up Anthem“. “My Favorite Fish” is a track dedicated to his girlfriend,Jess, who he refers to in the tracks hook with lyrics, “Jess will lead the way ’cause she can mimic the motion”. He refers to her as his “Favorite Fish” meaning she his favorite out of the many fishes in the sea.”Fill Me up Anthem” is definitely a top contender for track of the year from the catchy hook to the 90’s nostalgic production makes this track the highlight of the album and should be the first track you introduce to someone who hasn’t heard of Gus Dapperton.

He also released an EP with B. Hayes titled In Passing 001 which features more up-tempo electric production that would fit perfectly into any workout playlist like “I Got The Floor“. If you loved Where the Polly People Go to Read, then you should go check out some more of Gus’ essentials like “I’m Just Snacking“, “Beyond Amends“, “I Have Lost My Pearls“, and many more here!

Gus Dapperton is hitting the stage with opening act Spencer at the historic Ballroom at Warehouse Live October 27th, 2019, you can purchase tickets here!


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