Rex Orange County took over the Revention Music Center!

Written by on February 25, 2020

Alexander O’Connor, better known by his stage name Rex Orange County, made his way across the pond and tore up Houston on February 22nd!

Rex Orange County is a pop artist who started as a self-taught pianist in the UK and worked his way up to playing for vast audiences across the country. He began producing his own music at the shocking age of sixteen years old. His first album was, Bcos U Will Never B Free, where he first began to receive recognition for his songs Paradise” & “Corduroy Dreams”.


Rex then released his second album, Apricot Princess, where he gained attention from popular music artists such as Tyler, the Creator. Rex then collaborated on a couple of songs on Tyler’s album called Flower Boy. Rex released a couple of his own singles titled, “Loving is Easy” & “Best Friend” where he then started his career as an individual musician. The Pony tour was based off his recent album, Pony, which was a 10-song project released on Oct. 25, 2019.


This stunning image captured by Rianne Akindele


Rex Orange County holds a special place in my heart because his songs have gotten me through the toughest parts of my life. I was very excited for this performance and the anticipation before the show was building up immensely. The doors opened at seven and by that time there was a long line at the entrance.


The crowd was packed close together like sardines, people began to shove to get closer to the front. The atmosphere was filled with eagerness as the crowd waited for Rex’s appearance. As the music began to play the audience erupted and the mood quickly changed to excitement. Rex played at the Revention Music Center in downtown in Houston, the venue was large, and the audience was mostly young teenagers and adults.


This young crowd sure had a lot of energy in their movement, you couldn’t catch yourself standing still in the mix. Rex Orange Countys performance exceeded my expectations! There was never a dull moment, from waving your phone flashlight to swaying in the crowd to jumping up and down; the night was full of enthusiasm.


This amazing photo captured by Rianne Akindele

The most memorable part of the whole show was half-way when Rex said, “can everyone put your phones down for this part only, that way we can be here together in the moment.” Then he played his popular song called, “Best Friend” and everyone in the crowd went wild and started to shout the lyrics.


From the back, I could see him without any phones blocking the way, the ultimate satisfaction of the night. After the song was over the crowd began to cheer and clap, it felt surreal like an out of the body experience. The Pony tour concert was a success and I had a great time dancing and singing along to all of his songs. 

Overall, his concert was an unforgettable experience and I am so stoked I got to go see Rex Orange County live.

Rex also mentioned it was his first time here in Houston and that he’s definitely coming back again! And given our southern hospitality, we can’t wait to host him again. 


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