YBN Cordae Coming to H-Town!

Written by on February 17, 2020

I hope you’re prepared for a warm front in the next few weeks, because YBN Cordae is on tour and bringing the heat to Houston on February 27th!

That’s correct! YBN Cordae will be in town at the end of the month in order to perform tracks from his new Album The Lost Boy! The young spitter has been growing in fame since 2018 when YBN Nahmir (a fellow member of the YBN crew) was inducted into the XXL Magazine’s 2018 Freshman Class. The publicity allowed Cordae to catch some attention as a budding artist.


However, his true come-uppance came in the form of a response to another song. In 2018, J. Cole the album KOD which contained a song titled “1985”; this particular track was seen as controversial as it painted the picture that Cole was calling out “New-School” rap as mediocre or lackluster.


However, unlike many other rappers who became angered or insulted by Cole’s point of view, Cordae gave a respectful retort with his own point of view about the people who continuously scorned the wave of New-Schoolers who were trying to express themselves and titled it “Old N*ggas”. His piece, “Old N*ggas” was so well-received by the public that Cole himself commended the work and the young rapper behind it.

Photo by | Los Angeles Times

Since then, Cordae has only gotten better as an artist. As of mid-2019, he dropped his first official album titled The Lost Boy and began announcing tour dates a few months later. Which brings us back to the present: This is a show you don’t want to miss. YBN Cordae will be at Warehouse Live on February the 27th ready to show the world why he’s the top of his class and climbing the ranks trying to make it to GOAT status.


YBN Cordae has decided to make a pitstop at Houston’s Warehouse Live on February 27th. Get your tickets today!

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