Coog Radio Curated Collection: ‘In Your Feelings? Us Too.’ Playlist

Written by on February 15, 2020

Post Valentine’s Day got you feeling blue? Us too. Here’s a playlist we, the contributors, have put together so that you can listen along with us.

**DISCLAIMER: This selection does contain pieces with explicit lyrics and mature themes.**

Music speaks to the soul and touches upon all of our emotions. Today we’re feeling a little sensitive and a tad bit hurt. You could even say that we’re kind of in our feelings. Here are some songs that seek to accompany us on hardships or to help pull you out of it.

Amy Serratos – Contributor

Beyoncé – “Ring The Alarm”

Just in case you forgot, here is Beyoncé’s “Ring The Alarm” to remind you that it is okay to find comfort and power in aggression (and Beyoncé) after that dreaded commercialized day.

100 Gecs, Laura Les, Dylan Brady – “800db cloud”

Ah yes, the post-internet mix of noise and everything that is auditory, 100 gecs. What better than the loud “800db cloud” to play after Valentine’s Day in order to out-screech one’s relationship confusion and noise which can be matched by the song’s personal sincerity plus abrasiveness.

Dwija Parikh – Contributor

Mazzy Star – “Halah”

The perfect break up song. Hope Sandoval’s velvety vocals will remind you of your former lover…and maybe, hopefully, also help you get over them.

Stars – “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead”

If you really wanna get all up in your feelings and have a good cry, this is the perfect soundtrack. No better day to gaze out the window listening to sad songs and shed a few tears.

CJ Moorer – Station Engineer

Johnny Rain – “Harveston Lake”

It is said that denial can be an ugly thing, but in the case of “Harveston Lake”, it is a beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics that make you sit down, close your eyes, and feel your emotions drain away. I recommend this song on repeat and only at full volume.

Nothing But Thieves – “Lover, Please Stay”

No matter how much you give to someone, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stick around. This song is a sad one. It speaks to every hollow shell that has tried to give all that they had and were still left begging for fulfillment. ‘Take from me whatever you want, whatever you need, but lover, please stay’. Words were never meant to cut as deep as Nothing But Thieves has achieved. Enjoy this song with a side of existential contemplation for a more full experience.

blackbear – “Idfc”

‘Tell me that you love me even if it’s fake’. Do I really have to explain how heartbreaking this song is? Blackbear has unsheathed a dagger meant to slice right to the emotional core. Side effects for this song may include: sitting in the dark alone with your eyes closed, sporadic dancing to music that isn’t meant to be danced to, general sadness and/or loneliness, or spontaneous generation of a ‘Bae’ to fill the emotional void that all of us humans have and will need to keep perpetually full in order to deem ourselves healthy.

NO1-NOAH – “Alone Pt. 2 (Here We Go Again)”

If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know the scar that that event can leave on your heart. This song is quite literally the tale of a relationship sharply turned toxic due to mistrust. I love to hate the sadness that this song brings me.

Tink – “Treat Me Like Somebody”

We all deserve to be treated like people, and I don’t think a stanza can be as straightforward with that point as “Treat me like somebody”. This song is for the heartachened love-less wild child who has a heart to give to a person who may never know it. Rock on!

Ella Fitzgerald – “Cry me a River”

The energy in this song is quite literally “aight, imma head out” in nature. This is a song that speaks to the souls tired of the continuous struggle of infatuation.

Sam Smith – “Too Good At Goodbyes”

This song is quite literally love’s Swan Song. There is no feeling quite as strong and as sad as saying your final goodbyes to a person who has made an impact on your life.

Chet Baker – “I Fall In Love Too Easily”

If you ever feel like your heart gets thrown like a football every time you try to find a deep connection with another human being, you might enjoy this peaceful Jazz track.

gnash – “feelings fade”

Nothing makes me think about life more than the idea that everything will change at some point. The people that you love may one day not love you or vice-versa, and the only thing that you can do to find peace of mind is to accept that fact. This song is a coping mechanism for the lonely heart that beats softly in the night snuggled next to a pillow as cold as the air around it.

UMI – “Remember Me”

Umi has always been a beautiful artist, but this song takes the cake in many ways. With every change in the pitch of her voice, she sends a chill down your spine that, if you’re not careful, can leave you crying and hoping that no matter where you go, somebody will remember you. I love this song so much and just want to walk around with my hands in my pocket while people watching and wondering where the path ahead could possibly lead without that special someone.

Juice WRLD – “Scared Of Love”

My biggest fear is that I’ll be forgotten by everyone I love, so in order to cope with that phobia, I figured it would be best not to love anyone enough to leave a lasting impression on their life. It’s a scared and reactionary mentality that pairs with this song perfectly like cheese and wine. This song makes me feel as if I’m not the only one out there who has come to terms with the idea of dying alone because you can’t seem to understand what love is or how to replicate it the way you wanted, which leaves you feeling empty and worthless because you may never be enough for anybody on this planet and, even if you are, love is a construct that humans created in order to fill their social needs, so it will never guarantee happiness or a longevity of the (subjective) best parts of it. Also, it put me in my feels because of Juice WRLD’s untimely death due to his pill addiction.

Larsen Veldman – Contributor

XXXTENTACION – “Moonlight”

Post Malone – “Circles”

Leslie Campos – Web Director 

Grupo Toppaz – “Celoso”

This song is quite literally older than me, that being said it is still a staple in any Latin household. It speaks of a couple that became estranged and the man is just “celoso” aka jealous. He loves her so much that without her he doesn’t know what to do. My favorite line is one where the singer mentions that sincere love is no paradise, and to me, that is so true. We can’t expect to have a real genuine love without bumping heads every once in a while, and it is those quarrels that fortify the relationship. That being said, it still hurts. :/

UMI – “Midnight Blues”

UMI, what a beautiful soul. In “Midnight Blues” she digs into that feeling we have when you randomly think about that person who you shared a connection with, staying up wondering if you mean to them what they meant to you. In her music video, she also tells this story with her iconic huge group of friends.

Seventeen – “I Don’t Know”

Going Seventeen, is absolutely my favorite Seventeen album of all time. Mostly because it offered such heartfelt bops like “Don’t Listen in Secret” and this song, “I Don’t Know”. This song for more perfectly encapsulates the rigidness and uncomfortableness of being in love that is losing its spark. With this, there’s also pain and confusion, they channel this by adding lyrics like “tears fall again, clueless tears fall, why am I missing the you and I of long ago?”. This is the perfect song to sit with you during that weird suspended-feeling of being lost in your own love.

Rascal Flatts – “What Hurts The Most”

Yes, I’m from the south. That means I have to have at least a couple of country songs in my arsenal, and Rascal Flatts’s “What Hurts The Most” is in that. This song is for those who have broken up with your partner but there’s still so much left to say. It’s all about the regret of the words you should have spoken.

We hoped you recognized or resonated with some of our selections, here’s the full playlist. Enjoy!


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