Coog Radio Curated Collection: ‘In The Mood For Love?’ Playlist

Written by on February 14, 2020

It’s that special day where we express our love with the ones we care most about. And we, the Coog Radio contributors, have put together a diverse playlist to set the mood for you today. 

**DISCLAIMER: This selection does contain pieces with explicit lyrics and mature themes.**

Several of us writers selected a song or several songs that for us, seem to speak the true meaning of love. Love is everchanging, it can be soft, it can be aggressive, it can be fast and fleeting, or slow and worth savoring. And we hope that you enjoy what we’ve selected to represent all of that!

All of our songs will be added to a Spotify playlist down below, where you can listen to the whole thing. Until then, this is what we had to say.


Peter Hatchel – Programming Director

The Righteous Brothers – “Unchained Melody” 

A classic. This is the perfect song for Valentine’s Day.


Jordan Dabney – Contributor

Brent Faiyaz – “Rehab (Winter In Paris)”

This is a recent release from last December. This song is perfect for because it’s all about him getting off work, talking about his desire to meet ‘her’. He sings about trying to get home to his girl so he can “bl*w her back out” (his words not mine), and if we’re being honest that’s what most of us hope for on Valentine’s Day. Faiyaz definitely makes music that is great for ‘certain’ activities.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – “C-Side”

This is one of the smoothest songs out there right now! Leon Bridges sends his love to a beautiful “melanin lady” while Khruangbin rocks out in the back. Bridging (pun intended) both Neo-Soul and Psychadelic funk, this song is like no other.

Toro y Moi – “Girl Like You”

“What’s it gonna take for a guy like me to find a girl like you?” Chaz Bear empties his heart out on this track and that makes it great for Valentine’s Day.



Peyton – “Tell Me”

In “Tell Me”,  Peyton shoots her shot at her ex, a handsome man with who she describes as having “sunkissed” skin. She simply wants nothing more than to love him and be with him again with the chorus saying “tell me it’s not too late, but I promise I’ll love you forever”.

Tei Shi feat. Blood Orange – “Even If It hurts”

A song about honesty and communication sung by two fantastic artists with beautiful, angelic voices. The lush and rich colors in the music video build on the ethereal qualities of the two artists’ voices.


Toro y Moi – “Saturday Love”

A new age spin on the classic by Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal. Although Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, Saturday Love is perfect for the occasion.


Cynthia Zelaya – Station Director

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – “If I Had A Gun…”

Something about this song just screams truth and genuine love. Coming from Noel Gallagher (of Oasis fame), it’s about renewing strength and promise, committing to a relationship tenfold with an ‘us against the world’ mentality.

As you can see from even the earliest in his career (Talk Tonight, Oasis), Gallagher can be a tough person to be in a relationship. A quick temper, bouts of depression and miscommunication, and a reluctance to speak openly about his feelings all contribute to this. The song makes a sarcastic remark regarding that last one with “Hope I didn’t speak too soon, my eyes have always followed you across the room.” Coming from an atheist who doesn’t believe in worship or pedestals, he names his love interest as “the only God I’ll ever need.” And judging by the visible love and mercy she has shown compared to what he has seen from God, it makes sense.

The song is poetic, bringing in the sun, moon, crashing seas, and burning cities as allegories and symbolism for the magnitude of his love and the things he would do for it. The slow, climbing guitar stretches out the song, invoking a dreamlike feeling of a long run or drive. And the video is stunning too, a masterpiece in visual storytelling that gave me an oddly specific desire to ride away from my own wedding with my cowboy ex on his beautiful white horse.


CJ Moorer – Station Engineer

Paul Anka – “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”

There is nothing better than a song that gets you to want to slow dance with your love. I like this song because it makes me want to cuddle and slow dance like it’s a simpler time.

Wale ft. Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb”

Flirtation is a beautiful genre. Having a song like this as a way to speak about desire is the absolute best!

Jesse Boykins III – “Amorous”

This is for all the boys who have a girl out there that’s way better than they deserve. Amorous gives the listener a warm feeling and an even warmer smile.

Seventh Angelo – “Baby”

 I like the alternative R&B vibe. Angelo makes a teenager feel like their emotions make sense.

Phora – “I Think I Love You”

There isn’t an artist that pours out their heart the way that Phora does. I think he’s a must on any playlist.

Kina ft. Snow – “get you the moon”

“You are the reason why I’m still hanging on”. Are there really any better words to describe love?

Moonchild – “Change Your Mind”

I’m a huge R&B buff, so if I hear moonchild, I always get in my feelings. This song is the embodiment of smooth, and its amorous vibe is quite calming.

Dwija Parikh – Contributor

Jay Som – “I Think You’re Alright”

Imagine this. This song is playing as you wake up in the morning next to your Valentine and then proceed to make them a nice breakfast. And then go back to bed.

Parks, Squares and Alleys – “We’re Not Just Friends”

Have a friend you’ve been crushing on for a while? This might just be the perfect song to ask them out to this Valentine’s…

The Marías – “Basta Ya”

Ahh The Marías, they have the aesthetic of old Hollywood and the sound of new age psychedelic soul. “Basta Ya” is a beautiful song that plays on more of the desires and ‘losing yourself’ aspect of love. The phrase “Basta Ya” is Spanish for ‘stop now’, and in this context, it means stop now and come home to me so that we can continue living the rest of our lives together. This song oozes that idea of just wanting to shower your lover with affection and the want of needing them by your side.

Baby Bash ft. Frankie J – “Suga Suga”

“Suga Suga” was a smash hit for rapper Baby Bash featuring the angelic voice of Frankie J. The repetitive guitar riff is so iconic. The song is so chill that you can really bump this anywhere and at any time. It describes the euphoric feeling that love gives you and how you will always be there for those who are always there for you.



Celine Dion – “The Power of Love”

To me, Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” emulates the feeling that a loving partner can bring. One of the reasons that this song is so good is because of the lyrics in it, Dion paints a vivid picture and describes all these sensations that we feel as she sings them. “The whispers in the morning… as I look in your eyes… I hold on to your body and feel each move you make.” She captures us with her storytelling and we believe every word she says. This is a true romantic song that reminds us of the importance of being there for your partner in every capacity.



Nina Simone – “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”

Nina f*cking Simone. Nina, her voice, and her musical expression is something that hits very close to my heart. Her voice is comforting yet feels distant, and that’s also how I would describe this song. The man she details feels so real, we feel the yearning she has to be joined with him again. But given the heart-wrenching quality voice of Nina’s voice, we feel like we don’t know if their union is possible so she evokes a bittersweet response.



We hoped you recognized or resonated with some of our selections, here’s the full playlist. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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