Silverstein Sails Into Bayou City on March 16th

Written by on March 2, 2020

Oh Houston, What a Beautiful Place to Drown. Great people, great bayous and, most importantly, a great place for Silverstein to stop on their aptly named tour. 


Hailing from Burlington, Ontario, the post-hardcore veterans have gained a steady and solid fanbase over the years. After leaving the smaller Victory Records in 2010, they hopped on to more well-known labels among the modern rock community, eventually landing with their current label, Rise Records. 


2015’s I Am Alive In Everything I Touch was a reinvention of the band in away. Most acts tend to begin to taper off after their ten year mark, no longer seeing a surge of new fans or scoring major his, just maintaining the fanbase they’ve already acquired. But the switch to a prevalent label might have revitalized the band, seen best in the evolution of their sound. 

Silverstein is not only touring in anticipation of their 11th studio album, What A Beautiful Place To Die, but in honor of their 20th anniversary as a band. Since the new album is set to drop March 6th. As their Houston date is on the 16th, you’ll have just enough time to cram the album to sing along at the show. Buy your tickets today!

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