Album Review: Men I Trust by Lew-Fi

Written by on September 25, 2020

Local artist, Lew-Fi, is back with another mini EP to set the tone for the fall.


Lew-Fi is back with this new release, the mini EP, Men I Trust, has three songs on it. The entire work is really well suited for this next season, it’s slow and chill vibe makes it perfect for listening to while hanging out with friends or just vibing in your room.


The first song, “Surrounded by Light Pink Crepe Myrtle Trees”, sets off the pace for the overall work. The lo-fi beat and haunting instrumentals in the back make the song an instant vibe. Lew-Fi comes in with some soft vocals so as to not ruin what’s been set up. You’ll definitely be bopping your head from the beginning of this mini-EP.



The second song, “A Girl That Was Only In My Dreams”, keeps up with what’s been established. Once again, with the calming lo-fi production in the back and in this song we are immediately introduced to Lew-Fi’s vocals. Lew-Fi also shows off his bilingual skills and switches between languages so seamlessly that it almost passes you by. Then as the piece is ending, Lew-Fi slows it down, giving an authentic screwstown feel to the song.



When asked about the process of making and creation, Lew-Fi mentioned that,

It will probably be for the rest of my life to release EP’s or small albums with variations of genres. Which I like to call “bi-polar” albums.

Placing him within this new style of artists who instead of coming out with these long and full works, they like more of the quick-paced and shorter releases. Which is really fun for fans who want more content from their favorite artists.

When asked about the inspiration behind this release, he answers,

Well it’s a hard question to answer, I just don’t want to work on landscaping for the rest of my life haha.

Letting us know that he genuinely enjoys his craft and seeks to make time for it. Something that can be difficult to do with all the hustle and bustle of everything else that life has to offer.


The third song, “Others Are Looking at You, How Morbid”, starts with a soft piano intro then drops into a slow grind worthy reggaeton beat. Lew-Fi sings in Spanish and it just fits so perfect as it closes the mini-EP. Honestly, it’s my favorite song off the record.



Lew-Fi is an up and coming artist that you have to keep an eye out for! 

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