Album Review: Detroit 2 By Big Sean

Written by on October 27, 2020

An homage to his home city, Big Sean drops Detroit 2Let’s take a look at the album!


Big Sean‘s latest album, Detroit 2 was released just a few weeks ago. Let’s dive into it and while I’m letting you know what I think about the record, I’ll explain why Big Sean is to be respected at all times when it comes this thing called, Rap/Hip-Hop. For the past couple of years, it has been a drought since we had a full-length album from the Detroit rapper. However, he let us know where he’s been and what he’s been up to in his latest release. 


Right out the gate, he starts off this journey with some energy on the 1st track titled, “Why Would I Stop?” which is a question Sean asks and answers himself not only in this song but throughout the album as well. Sean has always been deemed a good rapper, but I think people have been seriously sleeping on the guy’s talent, but since he hasn’t put out any consistent music in a while, I can’t blame them. However, he puts his lyrical display on full notice with this 1st track and it never seems to waver throughout the entire project.

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Two of my favorite songs on the record is “Lucky Meand “Deep Reverence“. OnLucky Me“, Sean is continuing his lyrical excellence in a more calm manner for the 1st half of the song. But for the 2nd half, he turns it back up and it’s amazing. The switch-up seemed so seamless and he just sits in the pocket like loose change. But don’t get it confused, the lyrics are not cheap. They have so much substance and richness to them. The tone in which he raps coincides with the beat so well, that a true MC would appreciate this kind of artistry.


On “Deep Reverence“, the late great Nipsey Hussle is featured and was a nice guest on this journey. The two would collaborate to speak on the things that go on in their respective lives around them, sharing their perspectives on what they see and the challenges they are faced with. Notably, Sean would go on to speak on the rumored friction between him and TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) artist, Kendrick Lamar, and a miscarriage with his partner, Jhene Aiko, etc. At the end, Nipsey is heard discussing potential collaborations with various artists from Detroit, including Sean. However, shortly after recording a verse for Sean’s album, Nipsey Hussle passed away due to a dispute and gun violence.



The rest of the album is a great listen. Various artists such as Jhene Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Wayne are featured on this journey, and a gang of up and coming Detroit rappers are featured on the track, “Friday Night Cypher which includes one of Hip-Hop’s Greatest MCs, Eminem. There are three interludes on the album that feature comedian, Dave Chapelle, and artists, Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder. All three interludes are stories given by the three entertainers expressing their love for the city of Detroit. 


All in all, this album was a breath of fresh air for my ears and thoughts. I came in with no expectations and was pleased to hear a healthier and refreshed Big Sean. Considering what 2020 has been like so far, I am happy that Sean was able to make it out of that dark space he was in and still trying to get even better. This album motivates me to do better and I am pretty sure it does or will do the same for you, if you’d give it a listen. This album certifies that Big Sean is an artist that needs to be respected. I’m not saying you need to be a fan, but his talent and skill MUST be appreciated.


Give the album a listen below!


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