Ella Mai Brings Back Those Feels Again!

Written by on October 30, 2020

Ella Mai is back with some new material!


Ella Mai brings back those feels again that she once gave us, when she first came on to the scene back in 2018. The English artist recently dropped a new single titled, “Not Another Love Song” and it’s one that can easily be relatable considering the times that we’re in. Considering that there is still a lot of quarantining going on, whether it be a lonely one, or with a partner, the love that you have for someone can be very vivid when that person is not around. This is something that Mai is dealing with in this song.


I’m goin’ down ’cause I know that it’s you I see in my dreams
I’m goin’ down, let me drown over you, livin’ in my dreams (In my dreams)

I love the way you do it, don’t stop, don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me (To me)
I love the way you (The way) do it, don’t stop (Do it to me), don’t wanna lose it
I love the way you do it to me (I love the way you do it to me)
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Lyrics by Genius.com


She tells a story and takes us through her thought pattern. Ella Mai goes back and forth with her thoughts about the person she’s in love with. She questions if the guy wants her and if she is delusional for loving him in general. But all in all, she knows how she feels and accepts it.



The song was produced by Canadian producer Boi-1da, who is known for working extensively with Drake and other various artists.  The beat is nice a backdrop against Mai‘s vocals, as it adds depth and tone to the overall feeling of the song. Ella Mai flows through the song effortlessly. Her melodies are a key component of her music and it is put on full display here.


Ever since “Boo’d Up“, she has always been the one to carry that laid-back vibe, but also just enough energy to show that she has serious intentions to love and to be loved. Mai is now taking a more assertive approach with her music this time around as she states,

“This time around, its a lot more like, in your face, but not too much.”

Fans of Ella Mai should be excited, yet they still wonder what the English artist has in store. What does a more “assertive” Ella Mai sound like? We shall soon find out.


Until then, listen to the new release here!

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