With Compassion and Empathy, R.I.P King Von

Written by on November 11, 2020

 Captured by Esdras Thelusma

Chicago rapper, King Von was pronounced dead on Friday morning, November 6, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. According to reports the rapper and his crew had an altercation with another rapper, Quando Rondo and his crew outside a nightclub. During the altercation, gunfire ranged out and 5 people were hit, including King Von. Von and others would be rushed to a hospital. Ultimately, he did not survive his injuries. Along with Von, two other people had died.

It is said that the altercation was relative to a past dispute with rapper, Youngboy Never Broke Again. But at this point, does it really matter? Gun violence has always been a persistent thing in Hip-Hop/Rap. It never gets better and more young artists have been slain because of it. For the past couple of years, it has hit harder than ever. These types of incidents have become more significant because of the wide outreach that Hip-Hop/Rap music has today and the influence of the people who participate in it. In previous years, Hip-Hop was seen as a small genre with very few major artists. However, it has grown tremendously across the world and infused itself into different cultures. As the genre grows, these types of events will be the main examples of what those who are not familiar or in tune with Hip-Hop will see and think, “this is what it truly is at its core”.


Captured by Reroutedmusic


King Von’s death is an addition to a long line of young artists dying by either violence or drug abuse. Ever since the death of XXXtentacion, the young Hip-Hop community continues to lose up-and-coming artists that seemed to have so much potential and the ability to grow and expand upon their artistry. However, reality sets in quick with heavy burdens. In relation to King Von’s death, gun violence has always been apparent in Hip-Hop. Artists such as Von gave and continue to give vivid stories of their lives and gain a lot of attention from them. Along with that comes a lot of drama whether it from past beefs/conflicts or new ones that derive from hate, jealously, or greed.

King Von’s death is a sad one. But, I feel it will only be seen as just another death as we move on to the next popular rapper. It is horrible that these rappers are only perceived as cogs in our wheel of enjoyment. When they are lost, it is like we the consumers lose a toy. If we truly want these things not to happen, then we must practice that notion.


With compassion and empathy, Rest In Peace, KING VON


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