Covers: Better Than the OG Versions!

Written by on April 8, 2021

Since 1909, U.S. copyright laws have granted musicians the right to record their own version of a previously recorded and released song. I think this is truly innovative for artists to add their own creative and original spins. Here are some of my favorites!


This booming genre has been around for over 70 decades! I’d love to share a few covers from a Spotify playlist really caught my attention. This might be a controversial statement but I belive some tracks are even better than the original versions while served to provide a unique and inspirational spin. I really enjoy hearing female leads sing some of my favorite songs, as it allows for easier singing along in my natural pitch!


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Now, not all covers are capable of topping the originals. The male version of “Always Be My Baby” could never rival Mariah Carey, however, it was surprisingly fitting! And there is also such clarity in this Billie Jean” cover, although Michael Jackson’s music will forever remain iconic.


“Can’t Help Falling In Love” is such a beautiful song on its own but Kina Grannis‘ passionate vocals add an even deeper emotional element. Another favorite by Kina Grannis was “Iris”, originally performed by The Goo Goo Dolls, Kina adds a gentle R&B vibe to the traditional rock song. “Down There By the Train” is a Johnny Cash classic that is transformed by the deep reverberations of Dustin Kensrue.


“Electric Love” gave me CHILLS when Madilyn hit those high notes in the song’s climax! This slowed down version of “Hotline Bling” is definitely a must for a chill jam session! “If I Ain’t Got You” is such a soulful song and the guitar sliding alongside the final riff adds so much flair! The female version of “I Like Me Better” includes amazing breathy and clear vocals and is a must!



“Say My Name”  by William Singe, a popular Australian YouTuber provides a male perspective to the popular Destiny’s Child track. “Yesterday” originally performed by The Beatles, is transformed in this acapella version sung by Boyz II Men. “You Are My Sunshine” is very close to my heart as my mom used to sing the original to me and she loves country music so this is a daily reminder of her.


What are some of your favorite covers or cover artists?

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