Author: Alex Trevino

Since 1909, U.S. copyright laws have granted musicians the right to record their own version of a previously recorded and released song. I think this is truly innovative for artists to add their own creative and original spins. Here are some of my favorites!   This booming genre has been around for over 70 decades! […]

Two soundtracks that make me feel “frozen” in time.   I will be showcasing my favorite tunes from both movies in the Frozen franchise. Frozen II was being shown on the TV during a recent visit to my dentist and it definitely made the experience less stressful! Watching a movie that I truly enjoy (the […]

For my blog debut, let’s dive into Lil Skies’ second official album, Unbothered.   Pennsylvania rapper Lil Skies dropped Unbothered on January 22, 2021 with 14 tracks, including 4 previously released singles. The vibrant album cover is reminiscent of a childhood bedroom from the early 2000’s (old TV & lava lamp) and the album itself […]

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