Formally Known As Twigs: CAPRISONGS

Written by on February 9, 2022

FKA Twigs has dropped one of her greatest projects yet! It is a mixtape filled with elements that make up her true essence. Compared to her other projects, which tend to have a more ethereal and avant-garde feel to them, this album is playful and alluring. “Caprisongs” is about self love, friends, guidance, sex, and romance.

Throughout the project you are pulled in deeper by the many layers and elements that go hand in hand with telling her story. Whether it’s her being carefree with her friends in the studio on Which Way, seducing a lover in Ride The Dragon, rollin’ it on the m-way in London on Honda, asking for guidance in Meta Angel, or getting in your feels listening to Tears in the Club, this mixtape does not skip a beat.

Some of my personal favorites in the mixtap: 

Papi Bones feat. Shygirl: This track is by far my favorite; it radiates main character energy from start to finish. Shygirl’s feature was the perfect compliment to this track. Her nonchalant lower tone that carries throughout out the song adds the perfect contrast to FKA Twigs voice. Each element of the song is placed so seamlessly, and it is packed with sex appeal, confidence and the feel of getting exactly what you want.

Jealousy feat. Rema: Rema’s feature was such a good compliment to the afrobeat and catchy lyrics within this song. His voice in itself has a certain je ne sais quoi to it that bleeds through the song. There is something about the new sound that FKA Twigs experiments with that touches your soul in such a subtle, yet captivating way.

Darjeeling feat. Jorja Smith and Unknown T: In this track, FKA Twigs, Jorja Smith, and Unknown T recount their time in the London music scene. Twigs uses the chorus of You’re Not Alone by Olive, to invoke the feeling of loneliness that came along with their journey as artists from London. As the song continues, you can hear each of them reminiscing on who they were before and who they are now. In every sense, it serves as a reminder of the experiences they had, and the sacrifices they made to follow their dreams.

If you want to listen to the rest of the songs in this album, go stream Caprisongs on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

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