April Showers – Mini Playlist

Written by on April 25, 2022

The cloudy weather we’ve had recently has influenced me to make this mini playlist for you all to listen to for future rainy days. We tend to associate bad weather with sadness, and although some of these songs might be a little sad, there are still some nice cozy feelings we can experience when staying inside. I hope you all can enjoy these songs come rain or shine!

“Lack of a Lake” Jessica Jalbert

This song is an underrated indie gem that I discovered in high school when I was listening to music on Soundcloud. The lack of views and listens on this song is absolutely criminal, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you! I love the “fuzziness” in the overall sound along with the singer’s sweet, melancholy voice and the guitar riffs that carry the melody. You can listen to this bittersweet song on Spotify along with the rest of Jessica Jalbert’s, Brother Loyola.

When a bear in no den with no young nudging

On my side they’re not hungry or frail

And an owl I’ll become but not have anyone

To call out to behind my dark veil

To call out to behind my dark veil

“Behind the Moon Shadow” – Lamp

I’ve been really enjoying Japanese music lately, and Lamp is at the forefront of my music. If you enjoy Japanese pop, indie, and other music that’s hard to categorize, I’d highly recommend listening to the rest of Lamp’s discography. The album this song is from is called For Lovers. This is the perfect song to play as you’re relaxing on the couch (perhaps with your significant other) with a nice cup of tea. Yusuke Nagai and Kaori Sakakibara’s vocals are beautiful together with the soft strumming of the guitar.

“Halcyon Age” – Vansire

This song would be a great accompaniment to a rainy day that keeps the energy going. For some reason, I think rain in the background would only add to the song and enhance the atmosphere. As the word “halcyon” in the song title means a chill and pleasant time, that’s how I think the music should be experienced by the listener! If you enjoy dream pop, you should definitely listen to more of Vansire’s discography, you won’t be disappointed.

And you could say that I was nervous then

Fairly awkward now

Leave the speakers loud

When you feel self-doubt

If there’s any chance

That we’d still hang out

We could detail dreams

While we stare at passing clouds

“painty paint pots” – 800 Cherries

Like I said before, I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese music lately and this gem has been at the very top of my “On Repeat” playlist on Spotify. Manami Marufuji’s soft vocals are so sweet and fuzzy in this song. The instrumentals are unique yet not distracting and easy to listen to. In general, it’s a very cute song that I think would be pleasant to listen to on a rainy day. It’s an earworm for sure; I’ve caught myself singing the lyrics many times without realizing!

Paint my floor green but don’t forget flowers
Paint my floor green but don’t forget bashful moles
Paint my floor green, but don’t forget pop mushrooms
Don’t you think that I can be like Snow White?

“Tek It” – Cafuné

If you’ve been on Tik Tok lately, chances are you’ve heard this song! It’s been stuck in my head and coincidentally, I also think it would be great to vibe to when it rains. The moody lyrics are just perfect for moody weather to make a great listening experience. This song is from Cafuné’s debut album, Running which released last year and I’d recommend listening to it if you love dreamy indie music like I do.

I watch the moon
Let it run my mood
Can’t stop thinking of you

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