Artist Spotlight: Buck Yeager Band

Written by on April 4, 2022

Since releasing their debut single “Deep in the West” in 2005, Buck Yeager Band has continuously delighted Texas audiences with their passionate, infectious energy. Rooted in Houston, Texas, this country band provides fun entertainment for people of all ages with clean lyrics and performances that always leave audiences happier than they arrived. Some of their most popular songs include upbeat, joyful melodies that you’ll want to leave on an infinite loop.

Buck Yeager Band, courtesy of Napster

Moreover, Buck Yeager Band has also done numerous covers of other well-known, popular country songs. They have partnered with established artists such as Shake Russell, who wrote “Deep in the West”, and Zona Jones, as well as having been featured on the Fox Morning Show. Lead singer, Greg Walton, received Best Male Vocalist by the CMA of Texas awards in 2015 for his performances in venues and his riveting vocals in all their released songs, and they’ve been featured in magazines such as Gulf Coast Entertainment.

Furthermore, another song, “Enjoy The Ride”, invokes the true essence of country music. Its free-spirited ballad-like tune, combined with the brassy sounds pronounced by their guitars, invokes a soothing beat while simultaneously offering a life lesson that rings true no matter where you are in life. That being to enjoy the time you have with your loved ones, whether it be your romantic partner, family, or close friends, remember to create ever-lasting memories with them. Always relish in the moments you have with them, because you never know when the last one with them will be.

To learn more about Buck Yeager Band, visit their website Buck Yeager Band for more information about them and upcoming tour dates. To listen to more songs from them, you can find them on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever else you get your music from.

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