Declan McKenna Wraps Up His Zeros Tour at Warehouse Live

Written by on October 28, 2022

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio

After a long awaited tour since the release of his second album, Zeros in 2020, Declan McKenna brought his charismatic energy and amazing music to Warehouse Live in Houston on October 20th. This show was particularly special because it was the last show of the tour and the crowd was absolutely insane, in the best way possible.

Despite a change in the openers, Casino AM really showed out for their first ever time performing in Houston. The band originally from Austin, Texas played about a thirty minute set full of their rock songs. Some of the songs performed included “Conveyor Belts” and “Lil’ Slugger.” Casino AM was very interactive with the crowd, teaching them the melodies to their songs and asking them to do different actions during specific lyrics. The liveliness of the room was felt throughout the room when the band explained that Houston was on of the best crowds they have ever played for.

McKenna’s set started with “With a Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles. As the song played and the stage remained empty, the audience grew with anticipation. The performer ran on stage along with his band right after the song ended and announced that, unlike his previous shows, McKenna would be playing Zeros in full. The setlist followed his newest album in order from start to finish, beginning with “You Better Believe!!” and ending with “Eventually, Darling.” Many songs were performed with a guitar, some were performed on piano, and others were performed with small running breaks in between. During the instrumentals of a few of his songs, the artist let out some extra energy by running back and forth on the stage. The audience loved this and encouraged him with loud cheering each time. After finishing off the album, everyone left the stage to prepare for the encore.

After a few minutes of the audience chanting his name, McKenna returned to the stage for a nine song encore. During this time, the artist sang some of his most popular songs from What Do You Think About the Car? like “Make Me Your Queen” and “Brazil,” along with two songs he released as singles. Each song had passion and the lights that accompanied the show were very colorful and overall super entertaining to watch.

Before finishing off the show, the singer hit the crowd with sentiment when he started to recognize his band and crew for all that they have done on tour. The musician awarded titles such as, “best bassist” and “best lighting” to show his gratitude for everyone involved. After names were called, the audience was sure to yell and clap for each person acknowledged.

The night concluded with one of the singer’s big hits, “British Bombs.” The song was the perfect finale because it gave the crowd that last burst of energy before the performance was over. The artist also brought out a special guitar that depicted the flag of the United Kingdom, which he promptly smashed repeatedly after the song was done. McKenna brought his all to Houston and provided the crowd with an unforgettable night full of joy.

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