Omar Apollo Brings the Prototype Tour to 713 Music Hall in Houston

Written by , on October 31, 2022

Omar Apollo visited Houston in the 713 Musical Hall on Wednesday, October 28, 2022, to perform his hits from his latest album Ivory, which has caught the attention of many influencers and critics. Apollo is well-known due to his viral track “Evergreen,” which has been featured on the Billboard HOT 100. Having a personality that shows his desires in an extroverted way, Apollo entertained the crowd with a setlist chosen to highlight his discography. He danced throughout the performance, which made the crowd scream and hype him up.

The show started with opener Ravyn Lenae, who has collaborated with artists like Smino, Noname, and Steve Lacy. The R&B/ soulful grooves she performed warmed up the crowd to get ready for Omar Apollo, Lenae gave a performance with her smooth vocals and dance moves. She mentioned performing songs from her newest album Hypnos, as well as some of her older songs. She was wearing an all-red outfit with high-red boots, and Houston welcomed her with great vibes. She was kind to the crowd and of course, the feeling was reciprocated.

The show started out with the band members dressed in white to go with the theme, “prototype” or “technology glitchy,” they came to the stage as if they were robots and bowed then went to their instruments. Apollo, dressed in all black, then came into the with the intro song of the album “Ivory.” His setlist was a mix from all of his Albums: Stereo, Friends, Apolonio, and Ivory. The Mexican-American artist performed songs to represent his country – he displayed the Mexican flag in the back when singing his love letter song about his small-town roots, “En El Olvido,” “Dos Uno Nueve (219),” and “Frio.” He also had the crowd ready for a good concert when he made the crowd jump to some of his songs, like “Tamagotchi” and “Talk.” He was interactive with the crowd, as he was guiding the crowd to sing the chorus of “Bad Life,” stating that we weren’t loud enough. The show ended with “Evergreen,” and the entire venue was singing the song word for word.

The crowd started shouting “otra otra” (which means “another another”), so then Apollo came back out and sang one more song, “Go Away.” He told the crowd “You better turn the f*** up,” and the crowd did just that. Overall, Omar Apollo left the Houston fans satisfied – he also went the extra mile by reposting instagram posts/stories about the Houston concert on his social media page.

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