Cherish Rocks Out at Warehouse Live with Glixen, Glare, Krall and Nothing After Death

Written by on November 11, 2022

Photos by Amarylis Rodriguez for Coog Radio

On Saturday, November 5, 2022, Houston’s very own, Cherish played at the Greenroom at Warehouse Live. Their set was the second performance of the night and even though they only played for about 20 minutes, you could tell the audience loved every second of it.

Consisting of four members, Cherish is a local rock band that has a great stage presence. As of right now, their music is not released on Spotify or Apple Music, but you can listen to their music on YouTube and Bandcamp, where you can also purchase the cassette for their first demo.

They have been playing many shows throughout Texas this year, so keep a look out on their Instagram to see when you can catch them next!

Nothing After Death, Krall, Glixen and Glare also took the stage at Warehouse Live. The room they played in was super small and intimate. It was truly the perfect size for the crowd that showed. People were able to be close to the stage without crowding each other, which made the performances even more enjoyable.

The very first band to play was Nothing After Death. This band is also from Texas and rocked out so hard that there had to be a quick break for a snapped guitar string. Along with Cherish, their performance was one of my favorites of the night. Krall also performed and they had a great mix of soft vocals and strong instrumentals. During the set, the group that explained it was their first time in Texas and that being here was even better than expected.

The vibe on stage changed a little when the second to last group came out, Glixen. The band’s lighting was pink and they had fog machine, making things seem a little more chill. Their music is exactly how they describe it on Instagram, “fuzzy melodies.” Like in Krall, the lead singer’s voice was very soft.

The last group to take the stage was Glare. Glare is a rock band from El Paso, Texas and they definitely knew how to get the crowd hyped. There was lots of head-banging going on in the crowd and the energy was kept all throughout the show.

After each set concluded, a lot of people in the crowd went up to the different bands to tell them how great the night was and I couldn’t agree more. So be sure to check out Cherish, Nothing After Death, Krall, Glixen and Glare.

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