“The Loud Kids” Tour: Måneskin Performs in Houston for the First Time

Written by , on December 16, 2022

Måneskin is currently on their Loud Kids Get Louder Tour, kicking off in U.S. The band sold out their Houston show at 713 Music Hall–their first time playing here.

On Monday, the Italian glam rock band won Texas over with their flashy outfits, elaborate guitar solos, and–to the audience’s surprise–scooters. About 40 minutes before playing, vocalist Damiano David and guitarist Thomas Raggi rode scooters through the pit and briefly greeted fans.

They started the set with the new single “KOOL KIDS”, which they debuted live in October. The track is a more unique sound for them, showing more of their punk side with choppy vocals and more distorted guitars.

Then, they transitioned into their Eurovision song “ZITTI E BUONI”. The crowd goes wild. The song is about older generations criticizing younger people. Måneskin are made up of four Gen Zers: vocalist Damiano David (23), bassist Victoria De Angelis (22), guitarist Thomas Raggi (21), and drummer Ethan Torchio (22). “ZITTI E BUONI”, translates to “Shut Up and Behave”, became the first rock song to win the Eurovision Song Contest since 2006.

The band also played “MAMMA MIA”. The lyrics make fun of people for saying the phrase at them, David said at the show.

To slow things down, they performed “CORALINE” and the audience sang along. “Let’s get sad and s**t.” David said.

Near the end, Raggi played a solo, leaving the audience captivated. The spotlight was on him, having him by himself on stage for awhile. The band then came on stage again and played new single “THE LONELIEST”. To end the set, Måneskin brought up fans on stage during “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE”. Bassist Victoria De Angelis joins the crowd before the song’s end. The singer thanks the crowd and says they will be in Dallas the next day.

Måneskin will be releasing their new album RUSH! on January 10.

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