Paramore’s New Single “C’est Comme Ca” from their Upcoming Album has arrived, and It’s a Banger

Written by on January 18, 2023

Paramore have shared their latest single from the upcoming album This Is Why, and it’s guaranteed that the track will get you moving.

Paramore’s album rollout has remained cryptic and continues to surprise fans alike. The band’s last single called “The News” was released in early December, after another series of cryptic messages on their website. A TikTok fan with the username @Gwizzle also received a CD containing clips of the track, which went viral in the Paramore TikTok and Twitter communities. The angsty-yet-influential song was released officially on December 8th, accompanied with an ingenious horror-like music video directed by Mike Kluge and Matthew DeLisi.

Hayley Williams in “The News” Music Video, photo via YouTube

Fans thought that “The News” would be the last track we would hear before the release of their album This Is Why in February, but the appearance of another (not so) cryptic message on their website broke that theory. On January 8th, a message that said “1.12 – ccc” was added to their site – Paramore purposefully released their tracklist on a white solar tee sold during their fall tour, which included the track titled “C’est Comme Ca.” Fans knew what to expect and knew that we were getting another new song before the album’s release.

C’est Comme Ca” was released on January 12th, this time with only a lyric video that matches the album’s new dark/mysterious aesthetic. The title is a well-known french saying that translates to “It’s like that” or “It is what it is.” According to lead singer Hayley Williams, the song discusses the notions of become unattached to a survival narrative, as adjusting to a different lifestyle is difficult as is. Williams utilizes a sprechsang technique to sing the verses of the song, most notably in the lyrics:

Lucky for me, I run on spite and sweet revenge
It’s my dependence on the friction that really hinders my progression

“C’est Comme Ca” by Paramore, 2023

The song sounds musically different when compared to its predecessors “This Is Why” and “The News,” as it features a catchy and repetitive chorus that’s played over Zac Farro’s loaded drum beats and Taylor York’s resounding guitar riffs. What makes the third single even more memorable is the flawless execution of the bridge, where Williams screams the truth about adjusting to a life post-pandemic: “I hate to admit getting better is boring | but the high cost of chaos, who can afford it?” The song captures the overall message about how people love to purposefully search for moments of disarray that really stop the progression of getting better. It’s something we all cope with, but what can we do? It is what is, or should we say, C’est Comme Ca.

Paramore’s sixth album called This Is Why is set for release on February 10th. The band will also be touring in the UK and South America this Spring, as well as returning to North America this summer for their arena tour.

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