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2022 has passed, and with it, a new year of music begins! We will discuss Shakira and Miley’s most recent releases, backstory, and what is yet to come!

Paramore have shared their latest single from the upcoming album This Is Why, and it’s guaranteed that the track will get you moving. Paramore’s album rollout has remained cryptic and continues to surprise fans alike. The band’s last single called “The News” was released in early December, after another series of cryptic messages on their […]

You might remember reading about As The Hart, a Christian band from deep east Texas who was featured on Coog Radio last fall. You’re in luck, because they just released a new single.

Houston natives, rejoice! Our music scene is no Austin, that’s certain, but there’s light in the horizon. From right around the block, Second Lovers is releasing new music that you should check out! Their indie rock sound might remind you of The Mowglis or Fleetwood Mac, though you won’t get them confused because they have […]

It’s hard not to know who Incubus is, an American rock band with immense success and hit singles such as “Drive” and “Wish You Were Here.” They dominated the radio stations of the 90’s and 2000’s with sounds of record scratching, acoustic chords and dreamy croons. Now, almost four years after their last album release, […]

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