Indie Rock Artist Overview: Indigo de Souza

Written by on March 9, 2023

Indigo de Souza courtesy of Pitchfork

Indigo de Souza is a singer-songwriter from Asheville, Carolina. She has a new album coming out on April 28th called All of This Will End. She recently released a single off the album, “Younger and Dumber,” which is beautiful and personal. You can tell the lyrics are from the heart and she put a lot of her emotions into the song. In addition, she released an eye-catching video to compliment the song; you get glimpses of her past and what it was like during her childhood. It brings a tone of nostalgia and takes the viewer into the past with her. She mentioned, “All of This Will End feels more true to me than anything ever has.” The album is essentially a window into her life experiences.

The album art of All of This Will End has similar skeleton creatures seen from her previous albums, Any Shape of You and I Love My Mom. The album art is visually captivating and the vivid colors really bring the art to life. Some of her popular songs include: “Kill Me,” “Hold U,” “How I Get Myself Killed” and my personal favorite, “Take Off Your Pants.”

Kill Me live by Indigo de Souza courtesy of Iwaseasy

Indigo de Souza has been in the music scene for quite some time and has performed in cities around the world, continuously growing her audience. Indigo de Souza is known for her indie rock and singer-songwriter style. She is unique and her sound is enchanting when she plays guitar and sings. She captures the audience with her presence and vocals. Ultimately, she creates a positive energy within the venue. I’ve gotten the chance to see her perform live before and her performance was memorable and captivating. I didn’t want the show to end!

Indigo de Souza courtesy of Mountain Xpress

Indigo de Souza will be attending the SXSW in Austin, performing on March 15th at 11 p.m.! SXSW offers deals for students, so definitely check out their website. If you can’t make it out to Austin, they offer an online experience as well. Register as soon as possible because the rates will increase. She will also be going on tour soon with Astoria, traveling across the United States this summer and hitting Houston on March 19th at the Secret Group. Don’t miss out on this performance! The venue is small and intimate, so the night will feel personal and exciting.

Don’t forget to give Indigo de Souza’s previous albums a listen and look into her newly released merch and vinyls. Go and support artists such as Indigo de Souza, whether that be from a digital space or an intimate venue experience. Also, check out her performance on Audiotree. That’s a good place to get a feel for her music!

Indigo de Souza Live courtesy of Audiotree

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