Inhaler Debuts Second Studio Album Cuts and Bruises

Written by on March 7, 2023

Inhaler (Josh Jenkinson, Robert Keating, Elijah Hewson, and Ryan McMahon) Photo Courtesy by Lewis Evans

Who are Inhaler?

The four boys from Dublin are back to give the world more of their Beatles feel-good music vibe. Elijah Hewson, the frontman of Inhaler, is the son of Paul David Hewson, also known as Bono of U2. The “nepo-baby” makes it known that he doesn’t want to be under his father’s shadow. Elijah (also known as Eli) started the band with his friends in 2016, and their band name is inspired by Eli’s asthma.

The Dubliner’s first album It Won’t Always Be Like This came out in 2021. It features the songs “It Won’t Always Be Like This,” “Cheer Up Baby,” “When It Breaks,” and my favorite, “My Honest Face.”

My Honest Face video – Inhaler

Cuts and Bruises Kick Off

Their new album, Cuts and Bruises, was released on Feb. 17th, 2023. The album first starts off with the upbeat song, “Just To Keep You Satisfied.” It begins the album with a comforting alternative feel, as Elijah Hewson starts off with a Matty Healy vibe.

Just To Keep You Satisfied- Inhaler

First Impressions of The Album

This is an easy-listening album to start off for people who are getting into the genre of rock and alternative, and it is also great for people looking to branch out to smaller bands. It gives just enough of both genres to find what you enjoy the most. I found that this album was amazing for background music, doing work, or just listening to it. Inhaler’s music is the kind you would hear in an independent film or a retail store, and then try to find what the song was to add to your playlist.

Towards the fifth track of the album, “If You’re Gonna Break My Heart,” the tempo of the album gets slower, and it brings more love and heartbreak. The sixth track, “Perfect Storm,” is my favorite from this album. Hewson sings about a story of someone whose relationship ended abruptly, wondering what they did for it to end.

“It feels like a story, this song [Perfect Storm], it feels like it goes on a journey.”

Robert Keating, Inhaler’s bassist
Perfect Storm-Inhaler

Hometown Heroes

The band pays homage to their hometown, Dublin, in the title of the seventh song, “Dublin in Ecstasy.”

“I recalled the shiver, running down my spine, I can see the city of the glass in your eye.”

Inhaler, “Dublin in Ecstasy”

The band spoke in their Apple Music Interview about this song being one of the oldest ones they had in the vault. They recorded it as teenagers, and they wanted to bring it to the album as memories for them as a band.

The common message throughout this album is that love is important and to cherish it. While the band has stated this album is about being in the band, you can hear the romantic or platonic intimacy in the songs.

Conclusion of Cuts and Bruises

I enjoyed this album and have had it on repeat ever since it came out. Both their first and second albums are amazing, and I would suggest Inhaler to anyone. I enjoyed Cuts and Bruises as much as their debut album; it is a fun and airy listen. I found them through Instagram in 2020 and have followed them since. I can’t wait to watch them grow and gain increased recognition.

Lastly, Inhaler are currently on tour in the U.S. and will be performing here in Houston at White Oak Music Hall on March 7th. Also, they are thrilled to be performing at the same music festival with recent Grammy winner, Harry Styles, at the Slane Music Festival in June. This festival will be held in their home country of Ireland.

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