Recap: Syo’s Table Manners Album Listening Party

Written by on March 25, 2023

Finding artists with such great potential is an incredible feeling, and Syo is no different. Born and raised in Houston to a Nigerian household, his take on the sound of Neo-Soul is something worth listening to in his new album, Table Manners.

The listening party took place at The 77 in Bellaire. The space was cozy, decorated with string lights, tables with beautiful flower centerpieces, and his album cover projected on a screen. To follow the theme of the album name, dinner and drinks were served before the listening took place.

Once everyone was settled, the listening experience began. Syo began the night by giving his thanks to everyone that was involved with the album, and anyone who he felt deserved a shout-out for being by his side. A booklet was then given out that contained the lyrics to his songs so you could read along while listening to the project. The booklet also included some pictures and a QR code to his album, something that the attendees loved! 

The moment everyone was waiting for was finally here, the album listening. Once the artist pushed play, there was no pausing, just vibes. The artist was seen in front of the room dancing and enjoying sharing his art with the people close to him. A couple of stand-out tracks were “Snack”, “Get You Some”,  and “Breakfast”. The album truly showcased his vocals, lyricism, and sound rage. No two tracks sounded the same, yet they all had a cohesive sound that worked within the album. The crowd then gave him a standing ovation once the album was finished playing.  

The singer then opened up the floor for a Q&A segment about his album. In the segment the artist talked about the origin of his stage name, taking accountability, being vulnerable as a black man, and his journey in therapy. This was something that let people to understand his album a little more. The night came to a close after the Q&A segment and the artist once again expressed his thank you to everyone who was in attendance. This listening event was truly a lovely experience. Syo’s album Table Manners is now out everywhere!

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