The Best of Selena Gomez

Written by on March 21, 2023

The internet is buzzing with speculations of beef between Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez. By now, hundreds of videos have been made dissecting the posts of both women’s social media. If this TikTok rabbit hole has got you suddenly pro-Selena Gomez, this article is to showcase the star’s best in her discography.

Falling Down

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Off her first album Kiss & Tell, Falling Down is shows the best of what Gomez has to offer. There are some fun music production choices, and she has a field day with the vocal dynamics. This song is the closest we ever got to rock Selena. It’s glitz-and-glam pop, with all the fun of old Disney.

Love You Like a Love Song

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Any 2000s kid remembers when this song debuted in the commercial break between shows. The thumping of the pop synth, the playing with repetition, the airy bridge – the song is an undeniable 2010s hit.

Me & The Rhythm

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From the 2015 deluxe Revival album, this song is from the year Selena redirected her sound into more of a mature pop sound, weaning off her Disney roots. This is one of her groovier hits that can accompany a cruise down a boulevard. Just like the lyrics suggest, the only thing on listeners’ minds is dancing when this track plays.


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This B-side off her 2020 deluxe version of the Rare album is quintessential new Selena. The warped, pop chorus and the sultry voice is what she’s been best at in the late 2010s and 2020s. This song makes you feel like you’re in the Uber – wearing a great dress and new nails – on the way to a LED lit club.

Buscando Amor

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The entire Revelacíon EP is some of the most underrated work of Gomez’s career by far. “Buscando Amor”, as well as all tracks on the EP, are sung in Spanish. As Selena is non-fluent, you can hear the star’s language efforts throughout the listening experience, and that level of care and intention elevates the work. This specific track blends the best of her soft vulnerable vocals and Latin beats.

Scandal or not, Selena Gomez is a beloved artist that has been releasing music for 14 solid years. From the hits that stuck on the radio to the underrated B-sides, her work speaks for itself. Instead of scrolling through the media that pits her against another woman (on Women’s History Month no less!) scroll through her discography and lift up art.

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