MAVI: Laughing So Hard, It Hurts Tour Review

Written by on April 17, 2023

Reigning from Charlotte, North Carolina Mavi hit the stage at the White Oak Music Hall with supporting acts Phoneix, Ahmir, Messiah, and Neednoname.

The first opener of the night was Phoenix. He started the night with great spirit and dance moves. After performing a few songs by himself he brought out his friends on stage to elevate the energy. Phoenix was a great way to begin the night.

Secondly was Ahmir, he definitely won the crowd over by the end of the night. He had great crowd control,  knew how to make a first impression, and even brought a fan on stage. “What’s my name? How do you spell it?” he would ask a couple of times during his set to make himself memorable. He was a firecracker on stage who knew how to keep a crowd engaged.

Next up was Messiah, an artist whose breath control was something to be in awe of. The sample-heavy production had the room head bopping heavily. Like the other two openers, he had great crowd engagement and brought out his friends to join his set. 

Houston’s own Neednoname was the last opener of the night. His aura was more laid back and bass-heavy production compared to the other openers. He moved around and had fun on stage while his entourage was behind him for support. Neednoname made sure to let his city know that he has lots of love for them and then finished off his set.

Finally, the man of the night came out, Mavi. As soon as he hit the stage the room’s energy elevated. Though a bit late, he came out dancing and in a joyful mood. The crowd shuffled up to get closer and began rapping along word for word with him. He played songs all across his catalog like “My Good Ghosts”, “Guernica”, and “TIME TRAVEL”.

 The intimate crowd was respectful of the people around them when jumping and having fun. Mavi had fun with his favorite city by taking pictures for fans Be Real, grabbing them by the shoulders when jumping, and even doing a trust fall. Mavi delivered an intimate yet entertaining night, if you are a rap fan his show is a must-see!

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