Wednesday Returns With Their New Album, RAT SAW GOD

Written by on April 18, 2023

Last Friday I made my way to the Houston Heights record store, Vinal Edge. Each visit has supplied me with unique additions to my physical media music collections. On this Friday though, I had one specific album on my mind. On April 7th, Asheville, North Carolina’s native band, Wednesday released their third studio album, Rat Saw God. I have indulged deeply in lead singer/songwriter Karly Hartzman’s voice over the last year. Although I am considerably new to the Wednesday fan base, it has been my pleasure to dive deep into this shoe gaze, country rock, and 90s indie-inspired band. Rat Saw God has 10 tracks that emphasize the unique sound that Wednesday has brought to the current indie genre. The twangy, tainted sound of guitar mixed with the long overdrawn slight distortion of instruments flows easily in the ears of those who appreciate loud, but heartfelt music. 


The influence that this band’s hometown in North Carolina has placed on their music is seen through the titles of each song. The album starts off with “Hot rotten grass smell”; it is a straight dive into the shoegaze, specifically My Bloody Valentine-derived noise. The next track, “Bull Believer” holds the same emphasis through the distorted swirls of the guitar. It is the longest song on the album. Eight minutes to give time for quick solos from the drummer, Alan Miller, sweet strums from guitarist MJ Lendermen and powerful backing from bassist, Margo Shultz. “Bull Believer” ends with the exasperated yet delicate yells of Hartzmen. The fifth track is “Chosen to Deserve.” With the assistance of the band’s lap/pedal steel player Xandy Chelmis with lyrics about liquor and going to church on Sundays, the song carries a prominent country sound from very start to finish. “TV in the gas pump,” is the tenth and final track on Rat Saw God. A smooth ending to an album and band that has successfully continued to combine alternative sounds with the country music genre. 


Their US and Europe tour is set to begin at the end of April. Unfortunately, Houston is not on the list this time around. However, I am genuinely looking forward to the three-hour drive to their show in Austin, Texas. Wednesday is a band with songs full of real, captivating stories. Having never heard them perform live before, I am looking forward to the experience of hearing all those stories in person. 

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