Tennis: the Pollen Tour Comes to Warehouse Live

Written by on May 12, 2023

A dance party erupted inside Warehouse Live on May 5, 2023, when indie-duo Tennis stopped in Houston, Tx on the Pollen Tour. The tour is now over, but started at the end of March and included over thirty cities across the United States, with Texas as host to their last three stops. This show was accompanied by Loving, an indie folk band who opened throughout the second half of the tour.

At exactly eight o’clock, the lights in the venue dimmed and Loving took the stage. Consisting of David Parry, Jesse Henderson and Lucas Henderson, their gentle voices created a warm atmosphere for the crowd. The group performed for about half an hour with songs off of their self-titled album and If I Am Only My Thoughts. The song that concluded their set was “Visions,” one of their most popular releases.

Tennis took the stage next and absolutely wowed the crowd for the next hour. The set started off with “One Night With the Valet,” “My Emotions are Blinding” and “Runner,” which were three perfect songs to kick off the show with high energy. Lead singer, Alaina Moore, even complimented the audience’s vibes from the very start.

The night continued with a mixture of songs across all of their different projects such as, “Diamond Rings,” from We Can Die Happy, “Matrimony,” from Yours Conditionally, and of course songs off their newest album, Pollen, such as “Hotel Valet” and “Forbidden Doors.” The lights and backgrounds of the show were extremely vibrant and eye-catching, perfectly fitting for all the songs played. Orange lights were even placed on each performer at one point to make them look like they were radiating with light.

Towards the end of the set, the singer got sentimental with the crowd for a bit. She reveled that before officially becoming a duo with her husband, Patrick Riley, her heart hurt so much because it was filled with so much music that she didn’t know how to share with the world. She then went on to explain to everyone that they should never give up on their dreams because they are possible to achieve and she feels extremely grateful and content with her life after following hers.

After a few more songs, the group finished up with their hit “Need Your Love,” before exiting and coming back out for the encore.

After a few seconds, the band returned for a three-song encore that included “I’ll Haunt You,” “My Better Self” and “Glorietta,” followed by an uproar of cheering from the crowd as the concert concluded.

The show was a beautiful performance overall that left the audience with an overwhelming feeling of joy. I even overheard a group of people agreeing that the show was one of the best they have seen in a while. Tennis created a lively environment inside Warehouse Live that captivated anyone who was in room that night.

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