Logic Performed at 713 Music Hall

Written by , on July 13, 2023

Wednesday June 14th, the day Houston was transported back to the year 2011 thanks Logic and his entourage who brought the aesthetic of the early 2000s in 2023 with the release of his recent hip hop album “College Park”. When arriving at the show around eight, fans were greeted by opener Travis Stacey, whose set only lasted for a good 15 to 20 minutes followed by one of Logic’s entourage member’s C Dot Castro who fired up the crowd performing some of his newer singles such as ‘Vroom Vroom‘ or ‘Game 6‘.

After about twenty or so afterwards, Castro would disappear backstage only for fellow entourage member Rhetorik to arrive a short time later to perform for a few minutes.  Once Rhetorik had signed off and disappeared into the back the crowd was amped up for Juicy J. Chants of  “Juicy J!!” began to erupt followed by the intro to Linkin Park’s ‘In the End’ where Juicy J would walk right into center stage. Donned in a straight-jacket and a face-mask in reference to Hannibal Lecter, Juicy J would continue the hype and amp up the crowd, performing a combination of his own discography with tracks such as ‘Bandz to Make Her Dance‘, some Three 6 Mafia hits, and bizarrely even ended up performing his verse on the Katy Perry song ‘Dark Horse‘. In the middle of all this vibrant colors with sequences would flash or be lighted in the background tying into the different themes of each of the songs Juicy would perform.

At the 9 o’clock mark, Juicy would disembark off the stage for a few minutes leaving room for a short intermission period. Around 9:15 was when the main event of the evening would take place as tarps came off some of the items that were placed there unveiling a setup reminiscent of a basement while the Mister Rogers neighborhood theme played as Logic’s entourage began sitting in the couches on the stage while Logic made a grand entrance from some stairs on the left side hanging his jacket on a coat hanger in the same way that Mr. Rogers would as Logic greeted the crowd and kicked off his segment with his first track he would perform from his new album, ‘Wake Up’.

The night would continue with the setlist being a combination of Logic tracks on various albums in his discography with most of them coming from “College Park”, the “Everybody” Album, and “The Incredible True Story” just to name a few. All the while the brilliant pulsating lights continued to radiate the energy that matched with the different songs’ emotion. In between some of the performed songs there would be some Logic exposition pertaining to his life or what would be the inspiration for a certain song he was about to perform which was not all that bad. Crowd interaction in between it all was also a big part as to why Logic shows have a good rep, as the entourage would occasionally launch merch out into the crowd as well as this one moment in particular where a group of fans in the front gave Logic a flag that they had created for Bobby to which he had said he would Curious to see where Logic will go from here.

hang it up in his basement


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