Dirty Heads: Island Glow Tour Review

Written by on July 7, 2023

On Thursday, June 22nd, Dirty Heads brought the Island Glow Tour to the Bayou Music Center with special guests, Yelawolf and G. Love & Special Sauce. Decorated with graffiti signs of love and pirate flags, this tour brought all the musical elements, including reggae, funk and hip hop.

G. Love & Special Sauce

G. Love & Special Sauce came on stage pulling out all their tricks. The band started the night off with songs from their very first album from 2001, Electric Mile followed by some of their newer songs from albums Love Saves The Day and Philadelphia Mississippi. This early 2000s band from Philly mixes elements from hip hop, rock, soul and funk to create a unique sound they have dubbed, “The Hip-Hop Blues.”

The band consists of G. Love, who simultaneously played the guitar and harmonica while singing, as well as Jimi Jazz Prescott on the bass, and Jeffery Clemens on drums. The band’s set included solos from each member of the band and kept the crowd moving to the beat. G. Love continuously expressed his appreciation and respect for the other bands on the tour, commenting on their amazing talent.

It’s an honor and privilege to be here performing with such incredibly crazy talented musicians. I am inspired to be here.

G. Love


Yelawolf and DJ Klever brought a whole front of a car on stage, complete with orange and yellow flames as well functional headlights. From the album Love Story, to Trunk Muzik to Ghetto Cowboy, Yelawolf performed some of his greatest hits from several of his albums.

I see a lot of kids in the crowd. A lot of little homies. I have a message to all the little kids in the crowd. Uncle Yeller cusses but if your mama or dad brought you here, you got some cool f*ckin’ parents.


The rapper frequently interacted with the crowd, encouraging them to make noise and chant “F*ck that side” to each other. The artist stopped to ask questions to get to know his audience a little better. He was excited to see new faces in the crowd after such a long career.

You know, seriously, I’ve been at this for 20 years, and it is humbling to see so many new people, still, after so long. So, thank you.


Dirty Heads

When Dirty Heads came out on stage, the crowd went wild. The stage was divided into three different levels, most of the band being on the second riser while the two lead singers, Jared Watson and Dustin Watson, moved around the bottom and top risers throughout the set. They played some of their old hits from the albums Sound of Change and Cabin in the Sea, but most of their set consisted of songs from their latest album Midnight Control.

The band consisted of several musicians playing each song fully live. The crowd danced and sang to every song that was played. Throughout the night, the audience was encouraged to pull their lighters and phone lights out for slower songs and the fans delivered.

Overall, the night was full of laid-back reggae beats and good vibes. Each band performed with their whole heart and soul. The fans were left begging for more and the band came out one last time to perform two more encore songs. Check out the band’s Instagram to follow the rest of the tour!

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