Bebe Rexha: Best F’n Night Of My Life Tour Review

Written by , on July 5, 2023

Bebe Rexha performed for her tour, “Best F’n Night Of My Life,” at the House of Blues on Monday, June 26th. The crowd of fans waited for her much-expected performance.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

The evening kicked off with a performance by singer-songwriter Zolita. Her band started with an instrumental performance when she came onto the stage. She began with her song, “I F*cking Love You,” which throughout, the energy built up in the room as Zolita showed her impressive ability to connect with the crowd. She had a charismatic energy that fused well with the audience. After performing “20 Questions” introduced herself to the crowd with enthusiasm.

My name is Zolita and I am really, really excited to be here with you guys tonight! Especially to be here with you during pride month. Make some noise if you are part of the LGBT community! Make some noise if you are an ally!

So this next song is about being so obsessed with someone that you don’t care if they ruin your life. Which I feel is a very quintessential queer experience, honestly.


Zolita followed that statement with her performance of “Ruin My Life,” and “Single in September.” Before performing “Ashley,” Zolita explained to the crowd her personal connection to the song and why she wrote it.

On the subject of pride, this song makes me really, really proud that I wrote it for my girlfriend. I also wrote it for my younger self because I know that having a song like this growing up would’ve really helped me in figuring out my identity sooner.

I think especially right now, in a time with so many pollutants trying to strip away the rights of LGBT people every single day, representation is more important now than it ever was. This song is called, “Ashley.”


The standout songs of her performance are “Ashley,” which was delivered in such a beautiful acoustic with an amazing message behind it, and “Before He Cheats,” which was a fantastic cover of Carrie Underwood that had the whole crowd singing along. Zolita ended with performing “Somebody I F*cked Once” and thanked the crowd for their support and Rexha for the opportunity to open for her tour. The crowd waited in anticipation for Rexha’s performance to come.

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Bebe Rexha’s performance began with her band starting an instrumental performance while her dancers first entered and then she took the stage. In a fabulous all-green outfit she performed “I’m Not High, I’m in Love,” showcasing her amazing vocal prowess. She continued with performing “Miracle Man,” having fun with the crowd with her interactions to hype the crowd up. Before “Heart Wants What It Wants,” Rexha spoke to the crowd.

Houston, Texas, how are we feeling? Welcome to the “Best F*cking Night Of My Life” Tour! I’m so happy to have you! Let’s do this!

Bebe Rexha

Rexha continued the night with performances from her vast musical catalog, with songs from singles and her three releases albums: Expectations, Better Mistakes, and her most recent release Bebe. Her compelling vocal and natural charisma brought so much enthusiasm from the crowd throughout the night. Before performing “Hey Mama,” Rexha picks two people from the crowd that got her attention to come and stage and dance for “Hey Mama.”

Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

Now is a fun part of the show. There is one part of the show. What do you think it is? I need two people! Oh, my! [Points to a fan in the crowd] You went like this! [Rexha lifts both of her arms] What if I ask you something crazy? Hold up, hold up, hold up! Can I tell you what I want, though, what I’m looking for?

So y’all kids won’t be good for this. I’m gonna keep it straight up one hundred, y’all it’s not gonna work. Look, I need two people who can really dance, really dance. If you come up here and let down Houston, that’s f*cked up. Right? The audience is gonna pick the winner.

Bebe Rexha

On a personal note, I attended the concert with my sibling, and sadly during this segment my sibling was pushed to the ground by an aggressive fan in the crowd who was trying to shove their way to the front, as my sibling and I were on the barricade. This caused them to get a panic attack from the shock of the situation. Luckily, the House of Blues staff, Rexha’s staff, and Rexha herself saw what happened and reacted quickly to make sure my sibling was okay. This is not our first occurrence of something similar happening this year and will probably not be our last.

I wanted to put this here as a PSA for concert-goers to be aware of the current unsettling situation in concerts in which fans and artists can be impacted by the behavior of aggressive fans. Please look out for each other and if you see anyone acting aggressively in the crowd, please get the nearest staff/security or get the attention of others around to get the situation addressed. I want to thank Rexha, her staff, and the House of Blues staff for handling the situation well and making sure that my sibling was okay before continuing the show. My sibling and I were able to move past the bad experience and had an amazing time enjoying the rest of the show. Thank you.

After the situation, Rexha brought the selected fans to the stage for the dance-off. The two lucky fans were Brina from Pineville, Louisiana who Rexha saw throw her hands up as soon as she said she needed two people, and Cody from Houston, Texas. Both did amazing and had fun with Rexha on stage, but by crowd selection, Brina won, but both won at the end as they both received t-shirts signed by Rexha herself.

Rexha’s standout songs of the night are “Me, Myself & I,” “I’m a Mess,” “In the Name of Love,” and “Meant To Be.” This is without counting the encore song which had the crowd enjoying the moment. Rexha left the stage after “Meant To Be,” and with the crowd wanting more came back on stage. The final song of the night was “I’m Good (Blue),” where Rexha performed until the first chorus ended and then stopped to talk to the crowd.

Cut the music, cut the music cut the music! I’mma keep it one hundred with you tonight, one hundred. I just did Atlanta and Atlanta, no phones. We are gonna do no phones! You gotta beat Atlanta come on!

I want Houston to be the best show of the tour! So, here’s the plan you got your minute, the first minute of “I’m Good.” Now we are gonna say “F*ck everything phone!” and we are gonna enjoy the moment. We are gonna do it again from the top, and do it the right way! Let’s go!

Bebe Rexha
Photo by Alina Velasquez for Coog Radio

With that, the night ended in the most fun way possible with everyone cheering and singing the lyrics and jumping to the beat with Rexha cheering the crowd on. She ended her performance by thanking the crowd and left the stage with her band finishing the instrumental of “I’m Good (Blue).”

It was a truly spectacular night! Rexha showed how much of a spectacular performer she is with her vocal prowess, stage presence, and ability to engage with the crowd. Interested in more? Check out more live coverage here!

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