D4VD Downstairs at White Oak Music Hall

Written by , on July 3, 2023

D4VD and opener Scott James’ angelic voices soothe White Oak Music Hall.

The air was saturated with 100-degree weather as fans waited for D4VD outside the venue on Sunday, June 25. After an intense first visit to Houston in February, D4VD returned to White Oak with a larger crowd and a brighter smile.

Despite the record heat wave, fans gather downstairs around 7 pm, letting the anticipation motivate them through the heat. As soon as the clock struck 8, the opener, Scott James began his set. Behind the pit, I heard lovely guitar chords and a high falsetto from James. As his voice maintained every high note, he glowed in the bright white spotlight.

The outfit James wore was simple, a gray flannel and jeans, yet it matched his slow lullaby melodies and gentle guitar notes. A familiarity gathered as he sang his track “Ropes.” The lines featured in XXXtenatcion SoundCloud track “Tightropes.” A fan in the crowd mentioned this, and upon further research, his insight remained accurate.

Don’t leave this town my dear

Don’t leave even for the day

I’m on the ropes again

I need you as I am

“Ropes” by Scott James

Although James’ was only on stage for thirty minutes, he established his talented vocals through intense high belts in every song. In tracks such as “Belvedere,” “In The Passing,” and “Park Music,” James directs a contemporary feel to his soft music creating a great opener for the anticipated D4VD fans. He thanks D4VD for inviting him to the tour, and through bright peach and orange lights emulating a sunset, he ends his performance.

Right at 9 pm, D4VD entered the stage in bright, flashing pink lights. The crowd’s intensity remained unmatched as he opened with his song “You and I.” The lyrics

But why do I even try?
Cause you’re running away, running away
And I’m trying to stay, trying to stay

“You and I’ by D4VD

echoed throughout the venue, building a fantastic commencement to the performance. After the song, he gives a shoutout to the Twitch live stream. He stands his ground rules to the chat by saying

Don’t roast
Don’t cut nobody, bro
Say hi to the chat.

– D4VD

Once he greets the chat, he continues his performance with the track “Bleed Out” and “Worthless.” In an array of red and blue lights, D4VD pours his heart out, and the crowd loves his bright energy and stage presence. His down-to-earth personality radiates as he interacts with the fans. Down the outfit, a black tank top, and a white collar shirt, with red paint stains highlight his style that fans emulated throughout the crowd. There was even a teddy bear on stage with the same outfit, an adorable addition to the stage setup.

A highlight of the show was hearing him perform his number one track, “Here With Me.” D4VD instructed everyone to be grateful for the person beside them and brought the crowd together. The lines

I don’t care how long it takes
As long as I’m with you
I’ve got a smile on my face

“Here With Me” by D4VD

brought a magical feeling of unity. After the song, he explains how this is his second visit to Houston and even recognizes people from the first show in the crowd. The crowd shows their support by throwing white roses onto the stage. D4VD holds onto these roses during songs such as “Don’t Forget About Me,” “Poetic Vulgarity,” and “Sleep Well.” He even displayed his talent by going acapella, allowing the crowd to listen to his beautiful R&B voice. After the breathe taking acapella performance, D4VD states that,

You can be sad for a bit, but then you gotta go crazy.”

– D4VD

He then explains how the next track, titled “Rehab,” brings a mixture of rock to his R&B vocals. Inspired but the rock n’ roll attitude, he brings the crowd to a pit and begins to crowd surf. Yet as quickly as he brings the energy up, he soothes it with “Backstreet Girl.” A song he states is about someone from he met on Discord who had an unforgettable personality.

Not only does he bring personal insight to his music, but D4VD also displays vulnerability by performing his unreleased track “Notes Wrote From the Wrist.” Remarkably, he addresses how the song discusses the topic of suicide prevention, displaying profound maturity from a young artist. The track silenced the crowd as D4VD poured his heart out.

After singing the somber unreleased song, D4VD ends the set with two notable tracks, “The Bridge” and “Romantic Homicide.” Each track discusses the heartbreak of loving someone who does not put effort into the relationship. These tracks relate to most young teenagers who have experienced their first heartache. “Romantic Homicide” has over 600 million streams on Spotify, proving how D4VD’s heartbreak has resonated with many of his fans. Although a sad song, it was an excellent way to end an outstanding set from both D4VD and opener Scott James.

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