Peso Pluma Takes Over Sugarland With ‘Doble P’ Tour

Written by , on August 14, 2023

Peso Pluma’s first visit to Sugarland remained unforgettable, with two outstanding performances at Smart Financial Center. He and opening rapper Aleman carried their proud Mexican roots to 6,000 fans Thursday, August 10, and Friday, August 11.

It was a sunny day Thursday August 10, as I lined up for the show. Fans in lavish outfits radiate with excitement as security hands them a bracelet. The bracelet band was made of cloth and had a image of the ‘Doble P’ tour. In between the bracelet was a clasps of two white led lights. At first I assumed it acted as proof of a ticket purchase, yet I soon found out the bracelet was more than just a souvenir.

With my bracelet tied, I sat at a row away from the pit. The concert jitters take over but at 8 o’clock sharp Aleman enters the stage. He carries a bottle of tequila and a Mexicans flag proudly displaying his heritage. The bass vibrates the venue as Aleman raps with clarity and confidence. He thanks Pluma for the tour and how the corrido tumbado genre of music remains.

De la calle para la calle!

From the street to the street


A highlight of his set included a tribute to his collaboration with Snoop Dog. He performs the track “Mi Tio Snoop” (“My Uncle Snoop”) providing elements of both California Rap and Mexican Corrido’s. It gave context to his musical influences along with his rap flow. After announcing his upcoming album on August 17, he again thanked Peso Pluma for the tour before exiting off stage.

At 8:45 pm, the lights began to dim, and the screen flashed a blank white space. It was an intro video of Pluma’s band members explaining what Peso Pluma meant to them. They introduce their name, instrument, and nickname, adding a nice personal touch. After the short video, the stage had a long white curtain displaying a countdown.

Once the countdown finished, the curtain dropped, and Peso Pluma appeared his signature black ski mask. After a dramatic walk toward the center of the stage, he unveiled his mask and stuck his tongue out at the crowd. The crowd roared as the stage lit up in bright red.

As I glance at my bracelet, it pulsated red, matching the stage lights and the tempo of the music. The whole arena dawned in a red hue leaving awe among myself and the crowd. As Pluma sings his heart out into a mic decorated with a spider web, I adored how much detail the Pluma team put into the show’s theme of spiders and red hues. The bracelet also included a QR code of Pluma new album Genesis.

The song “El Belicon” (The Bellicon) consists of beautiful regional instruments that match Pluma’s unique vocals. A heartfelt saxophone and trombone beat match the high energy of the music. A fantastic way to open the show that Pluma exclaims would be unforgettable.

Once he made his presence known, Pluma introduced a guest on stage. A friend from his hometown of Guadalajara, Jasiel Nunez. Together the duo performs the song “LUNA” (MOON). During the melancholy track, the arena glowed in a soft blue hue matching the song’s tone.

The pairing of both male vocalists was perfect, especially in the track “ROSA PASTEL” (PASTEL PINK). The track was a fan favorite, with the venue glowing bright pink and a pink cobweb on the screen. Moments like these make the set list more meaningful by featuring the guest artist live and matching the lights to the song’s title.

Jasiel Nunez had his moments to shine by performing solo songs and an unreleased track featuring Pluma. The track title, “En Mi Mundo” (In My World), tackles the topic of depression through a soft corrido. While the track is not public, it remains on YouTube for fans to enjoy. After his set, Nunez thanks Pluma for his appearance, and soon, the show takes a drastic shift.

Instead of sad corridos, Pluma performs a track he states people go crazy for no matter what city they perform. The track “RUBICON” carried via flashing yellow and green lights as Pluma danced on stage. To continue the upbeat vibe, he performed songs such as “ZAPATA” and even brought up opener Aleman to perform their song “DELIVERY” along with “NUEVO VIDA” (“NEW LIFE”).

After the track “CHANEL“, Pluma change from a white t-shirt and jeans to a monochrome plaid fit. The new fit brought on more tracks such as “Siempre Pendientes” (“Always Outstanding”), “El Azul” (“The Blue”) and “LA PEOPLE” (“THE PEOPLE”). All these tracks maintained the spider theme while bringing the fans together through their lit-up bracelets.

Although the set did not end, Pluma performed the song “BYE,” surrounded by a halo of blue lights. The ring of lights maintains consistency throughout the rest of the set. During a transition, the yellow lights created a nice touch for introducing acapella tracks like “Por Las Noches” (“At Night”), and “LADY GAGA.”

The set’s last two songs were Pluma’s two top hits, “Ella Baila Sola” and “PRC,” tracks that allowed Pluma to reach to his fame and success. At the shows end, the Mexican flag flashes while green, red, and white confetti, blast throughout the venue. Overall the attention to detail and set list were memorable and deserving of two Sugarland dates. The show was definitely unforgettable.

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