The Amplified Echoes Tour Review

Written by on August 18, 2023

On Monday, August 7th, Jimmy Eat World and Manchester Orchestra brought the the Amplified Echoes Tour to Houston’s 713 Music Hall with special guest, Middle Kids, bringing the audience back to the early 2000s era of alternative pop-punk.

Middle Kids

Australian Trio, Middle Kids, opened the night with a more relaxed and intimate set consisting of eight songs from their self-titled EP as well as their latest album release Today We’re the Greatest. Fairly new to the music scene, Middle kids consists of Hannah Joy (lead vocalist), Tim Fitz (guitarist), and Harry Day (percussionist). Joy expressed her gratitude on behalf of the band for the opportunity to tour with two of their favorite childhood bands.

We are super grateful to be here. We’ve been longtime fans of both bands and are so lucky to be on this tour.

Hannah Joy

Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra gives off that nostalgic sound when all the cool, older folks out would blast from their CD players in their cars on their way to school every morning. Its one of those rare bands that actually gets better with age. Co-headliner Manchester Orchestra, an American indie-rock band from Atlanta, came out strong with some of their newer songs such as “Keel Timing” and “Bed Head” leading into their more well-known music from hit albums A Black Mile to the Surface and I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child.

This four-member band, Andy Hull (lead vocalist/songwriter/guitarist), Andy Prince (bassist), Robert McDowell (lead guitarist), and Tim Very (percussionist), had the crowd on their feet the whole time screaming and singing along. During one of their songs, the band even stopped playing, encouraging the audience to sing solo, before jumping back into the song without missing a beat. The crowd loved every moment and was left wanting more while the crew got ready to bring out the next alternative rock legend, Jimmy Eat World.

Jimmy Eat World

The nostalgic feeling you would get when your older sibling would blast “The Middle” from their room while you listen next door, desperately hoping they would let you in, is the entire vibe of this band. Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Arizona pop-punk legends,Jimmy Eat World, put on a killer, nostalgia-filled show. The set spanned the band’s entire discography, bringing back so many memories for 90’s pop-punk music lovers everywhere. The band opened the set with hits from their most successful album, Bleed American (released back in 2001), all the way to their latest album Surviving: Phoenix Sessions (released in 2021).

Band members Jim Adkins (lead vocalist/lead guitarist), Tom Linton (guitarist/vocalist), Rick Burch (bassist) Zach Lind (percussionist), have been making music since the late 90s and the audience had been through it all with band. The audience sang along to every word and danced to every song, making the band even more excited to be performing again.

You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. This is the best monday night crowd we’ve ever had. In rock and roll there’s no mondays. They’re all rock and roll nights.”

Jim Adkins

Leaving the best for last, the audience roared to their feet when the band finally played the song everyone was waiting for “The Middle” and the night came to end. All in all, the night was definitely one to remember. Check out more tour dates here!

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