King Krule Brings the Space Heavy Tour to Houston

Written by on September 18, 2023

On September 11, 2023, King Krule performed an amazing sold-out show alongside pop artist LUCY (Cooper B. Handy) downstairs at White Oak Music Hall.

Cooper Handy, commonly known as LUCY, kicked off the night with his catchy tunes and upbeat energy. He performed many songs across his discography, such as “My Song 10,” “NEW BEACH SONG,” and “Yes I Did.” Throughout the night, he invited the crowd to match his energy by dancing, and the audience happily followed his lead. From the colorful lights on stage to the liveliness of the performers, fans enjoyed a pleasant performance in preparation for King Krule.

At around nine o’clock, the lights dimmed, and the crowd moved forward, anticipating the main act. The audience went wild as King Krule and his band entered the stage. Opening with “Perfecto Miserable,” the soft guitar and his warm voice set a comforting tone for the night. 

The singer continued with a mix of different songs from albums like Man Alive!The OOZ and, of course, his newest album, Space Heavy. One thing I enjoyed about the show was how the lights matched perfectly with each song played. The fast pace of “Rock Bottom” was accompanied by pulsating white lights. The melodic flow of “Baby Blue” was complemented by a light blue spotlight that slowly circled the room. The lights brought every emotion from the singer on stage. 

Towards the end of the set, the artist thanked Houston for coming to the show before concluding the performance with “If It Was Only Warmth” and “It’s All Soup Now.” As the lights dimmed again, Krule exited the stage, and the audience eagerly awaited an encore.

After a few seconds, the band returned and thanked the crowd for one last time. The night ended with one of the singer’s top hits, “Out Getting Ribs.” It only took the first few notes of the song for the audience to cheer in excitement for the final song. The beautiful guitar riff gave the audience a sense of joy; I even saw a few tears of happiness from one of the groups next to me. 

If you are considering seeing King Krule on his Space Heavy tour, I highly recommend it. Please find information on the rest of his U.S. tour here!

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