Daniel Caesar Performs a Sold-Out Show at 713 Music Hall

Written by , on September 20, 2023

On September 13, 2023, Daniel Caesar stopped by 713 Music Hall in Houston on the Superpowers Tour. His amazing performance was accompanied by Orion Sun, an alternative singer who delighted the crowd with her soft, yet powerful voice.

Tiffany Majette, better known as Orion Sun, kicked the night off with “intro,” the first song from her newest EP, Getaway. She came onto the stage with full force and a huge wave of energy. Going back and forth from each side of the stage, she was incredibly interactive with the crowd. She even took a quick pause to sign a fan’s vinyl. The set continued with more songs such as “Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)” and “Valentine,” a song she dedicated to all the lovers in the crowd.

The artist then took a quick minute to share how grateful she was for everyone who was at the show. The gratitude was reciprocated by a fan who threw roses on stage. After a few more songs and a whole lot of dancing, the singer concluded her set with one of her top hits,”dirty dancer.” Her contagious energy and joy was felt all throughout the crowd from the beginning of her set until the very end.

At around 9pm, the screen on stage started pulsing red and the anticipation for the main act went through the roof. The screen then switched to live footage of the singer backstage. Before everyone knew it, he had arrived. Opening with “Ocho Rios,” Caesar started his set slow and gracious, allowing a perfect build up into the rest of the show.

After the first song concluded, the artist took the time to greet the crowd:

Houston, thanks for coming out tonight. You could be anywhere but you’re here. We’re about to have the best time together.

Daniel Caesar to crowd

Continuing with songs from his newest album, NEVER ENOUGH, the singer had the the crowd swaying and singing along to the artist’s smooth voice when songs such as, “Let Me Go” and “Toronto 2014” played. In the background throughout the set, the screen displayed visuals of the singer, warm colors and live footage of the crowd.

As the show carried on, it only got better. Playing songs from CASE STUDY 01 and Freudian, Caesar made sure to play all the hits across his entire discography. With each song played, there were brief pauses in between. It added a nice touch to the overall show because instead of just going from one song to the next, the little pauses ensured that all the songs had their own special moment in the show. My personal favorites were when “Loose” and “CYANIDE” were performed.

Get You” and “Always” were the last songs of the set. The audience roared for the singer after the songs finished as he thanked the crowd one last time and promptly left the stage. Even though he was gone, the crowd knew it wasn’t over just yet.

As the audience waited for the singer to come back out, the screen turned on. It was live footage of Caesar outside the venue. He then asked the Houston to crowd to quiet down, as he was preparing to leave us with a parting gift of one final song. Just then, he began to play a stripped down version of “Streetcar” on the guitar. Because it marked the end of the night, fans made sure to sing their heart out one last time. The singer said he wanted to be able to hear the crowd from outside the venue, and the crowd did exactly that.

Overall, the night was a stunning performance full of beautiful aesthetics and silky vocals. I hope the artist comes back to Houston soon! Find more information on the rest of Daniel Caesar’s Superpowers tour here.

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