Reneé Rapp Kicked off Her “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” at Bayou Music Center

Written by , on September 22, 2023

On Sept. 16, 2023, Reneé Rapp kicked off her “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” with a bang at Bayou Music Center in Houston. She was joined by openers Alexander 23 and Towa Bird. Rapp captivated the audience with her amazing stage presence and delivered an impeccable performance. As someone who is a casual fan of Rapp, I can say that I will definitely be listening to more of her music simply because of how well she carried her set.

Although I was not able to see Towa Bird, I was able to experience the Alexander 23 set. Glantz was joined by two other amazing artists, one of whom was also a Houstonian which brought even more passion from the crowd. Glantz had an amazing chemistry with the other artists on stage. Often they began riffing and improvising music on stage. They ended their set by repeatedly singing the statement “song is over” as a fun way to signal their time with the audience was over. One of the standout songs of their set was “Crash” and “Girl” both of which showed Alexander 23’s variety as a performer.

  Renee performed songs off of her recent debut album Snow Angel as well as her EP Everything to Everyone. She kicked off the concert with her song “Talk Too Much” and followed it with “Poison Poison”, which are both poppy, upbeat tracks off of her album. Because of her high energy introduction, Rapp was infectious and fans were singing and dancing from the get-go. It was clear that everyone in the audience was equally as passionate for Rapp’s music as she was.

Rapp also included several talking breaks in which she engaged the crowd. At one point a fan said it was her birthday so Rapp had the audience wish her. It was very heartfelt seeing a singer directly interact with the audience by reading their signs. At one point a fan screamed “yeah” in which Rapp integrated it into her introduction to her next song. She also had a long-time fan of hers speak into the microphone. Rapp remembered how the audience member had met her girlfriend through her fandom, and it turned into a heartfelt update between the two of them. 

Rapp carried the rest of the set with her powerful vocals. At many points throughout the show it sounded better than the album. That paired with her strong stage presence made the concert an amazing experience with many fans singing and dancing in the crowd. 

After the song “In the Kitchen”, Rapp left the stage and the crowd waited for an encore. Eventually Rapp came back on stage and ended the concert with the song “Snow Angel”, which is a powerful song accompanied with various rock undertones. She left the fans astounded as she ended the show.Overall, the “Snow Hard Feelings Tour” is not one to miss. Find tickets on Rapp’s website.

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