TV Girl: the Traveling All-Star Band Stops in Houston

Written by , on September 29, 2023

On Saturday 23, TV Girl performed a sold out show at White Oak Music Hall supporting their latest album Grapes Upon the Vine supported by Neggy Gemmy. The band surpassed their reputation and brought an infectious energy to the crowd as fans enjoyed the show. The atmosphere was calm as concertgoers sang along and danced to TV Girl’s music. The band itself created an intimate atmosphere as they played a close-knit show amongst some of their biggest fans.

Neggy Gemmy warmed up the crowd with their alternative-style pop beats such as their newest album CBD Reiki Moonbeam. The audience danced along to some of their indie-pop songs such as “Black Ferrari”, and “Gemmy Juice”. As the venue filled up, excitement filled the crowd as anticipation grew for TV Girl.

After Neggy Gemmy’s amazing set, TV Girl came on stage performing “I’ll Be Faithful”. The crowd went wild and began to crowd the stage, trying to get closer in order to get a better view of the band. They created a cozy atmosphere with a beautiful performance of their music accompanied by two backup singers who brought a heavenly energy to their songs. 

After a remix of their TikTok famous song “Not Allowed”, lead singer Brad Petering introduced the band as TV Girl. Saying “we are here with some of our greatest songs…and some songs you might not like at all”. He then emphasized the need to create a good atmosphere saying “if someone is feeling lonely give them a kiss”. 

They then followed the introduction with three songs off of their new album “The Night Time”, “99.5”, and “Fire”. Apparently, some fans felt unhappy with the new record which Peterson responded with “I was thinking about you guys when I made the record, godless, degenerate freaks” promoting laughter from the crowd. It is clear that Petering knows his fans well, and is able to create a comfortable environment with them.

Each of the new songs were performed beautifully, with godly background vocals throughout every song. “Fire”, specifically, was amazing. It had chilly, folky beats, and honestly made me question the taste of those who didn’t like the record. Needless to say, I will definitely be adding “Fire” to my daily playlist.

Towards the last half of the show, Petering pulled out a Mountain Dew Code Red beverage, saying the brand had sponsored the tour, and word for word, sarcastically read the notecard the brand had provided for him, before chuckling and tossing it aside. He then chugged the drink as the crowd chanted “chug it, chug it, chug it”, and also tossed it aside in true rockstar fashion.

He ended the concert with “Heaven is a Bedroom”, but as fans began to leave they started playing songs “Big Black Void”, “Lovers Rock”, and “It Evaporates”, before leaving the stage. 
The concert was a mix of unforgettable, hilarious, and intimate. Get tickets for TV Girl’s tour before it ends.

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