3 Doors Down Performs One Last Time in Houston

Written by on September 29, 2023

On Saturday, September 23, 3 Doors Down, featuring Candlebox, performed at the Smart Financial Centre in Sugarland, Texas; the last stop on the Away From The Sun Anniversary Tour in the United States. These two iconic bands have filled our rock and roll spirits for over twenty years and this may very well have been their last performance.


Candlebox, an American Rock band from Seattle, opened the night with lots of strobe lights, classic rock hair flips, killer vocals and a tremendously talented musicians. Throughout the whole set, the band played in perfect sync and gave the audience a performance of a lifetime. For Candlebox, this tour marks the 30th anniversary of the band’s self titled debut album (1993). The bands set was filled with songs from that album, including “Change,” “Blossom,” “Cover Me” and “You” along with many more from their extensive discography. During the set, lead signer, Kevin Martin, mentioned their latest album release The Long Goodbye (2023), will be Candlebox’s last album; making this tour the band’s final performance.

I am retiring from music this year. I have a wife and kids at home that I miss very, very much. And I, I need that so thank you guys for letting me do this for 30 years.

Kevin Martin

To celebrate the end of the tour, and the end of an era for Candlebox, the band brought out all of the members of 3 Doors Down as well as almost the entire crew to perform on stage together. Several people played real instruments while others were in costumes and were strumming along with blow-up guitars, bringing the final opening act to a warm hearted, fun-filled close one last time.

3 Doors Down

After that heart warming opening, the audience was dying to see what the headliner, 3 Doors Down, had in store for the final stop on the Away From the Sun Tour. Since this tour is celebrating the anniversary of Away From the Sun, the band’s most successful album, 3 Doors Down decided to play songs from the entire album.

This tour has been going for 4 months; nonstop with no breaks, no weeks off and tonight is the last night. I cannot think of a better to wrap this tour up than right here with y’all. So, we’re going to play just about ever song off that record tonight and sprinkle some more here and there. We’re going to treat this like a ride through the country listening to an old CD. How about that?

Brad Arnold, lead vocals

True to his word, the band played every song from the album and the audience sang along to every word; couples dancing to slow songs and passionate long-time fans singing their hearts out with old t-shirts from past shows. The band opened the set with “Pop Song,” a bonus track on the special edition of Away From The Sun, but never made as part of the original album; followed by the hit songs “When I’m Gone,” “Away From the Sun,” “The Road I’m On” and “Ticket To Heaven.” The band then took us to their third studio album Seventeen Days, before lunging back into some older classics hits such as “Here Without You” and of course, their number one hit, “Kryptonite.”

As the night came to a close, the band once again brought out the crew members as well as Candlebox to celebrate all that they have achieved together on this tour. While this was the last tour for Candlebox, let’s hope that 3 Doors Down has enough juice left in them for one more album. Check out the rest of their discography here!

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