ENHYPEN: World Tour ‘FATE’ Review

Written by on October 19, 2023

Continuing the U.S. leg of their FATE world tour, ENHYPEN performed at Toyota Center on Friday, October 13, 2023. With a packed crowd, ENGENEs waited in great anticipation for the group’s welcomed return back to Houston.

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

The show started with a VCR, a pre-recorded video, showing all the members on the screen, to which the fans cheered in anticipation of the group taking the stage. Soon, the instrumentals for their introduction song, “Drunk-Hazed,” played through the speakers. The members emerged on a platform onto the stage and began their intricate choreography with fan chants and their light-sticks, filling the venue with intense energy.

ENHYPEN is BELIFT LAB‘s inaugural boyband, comprising Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-Ki. ENHYPEN symbolizes the unifying ‘hyphen (-)’ that brings these seven distinct individuals together to collectively explore, bond and evolve. ENGENE is the official fan club name for ENHYPEN. It’s a portmanteau of “ENHYPEN” and “gene,” signifying the fans as an essential and inseparable part of the group. The name implies that the fans are like the genetic makeup of the group, playing a vital role in their growth and success.

They continued their performance with fascinating choreography and vocal synergy with changes in their outfits and stage, which left a deep impression on fans. Their songs explore themes of youth, self-discovery and the emotional struggles that come with adolescence. They touched upon experiences of fear, dreams and becoming one’s true self. While their songs may be in a different language, it could be seen and felt that the message they wanted to convey resonated with their fans.

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

Between sets of songs, they would speak to fans, express their deep love and appreciation for Houstonian fans and show their charming individual personalities. Each member had a chance to speak and talk about the songs’ meaning. They also checked up on their fans, seeing how everyone was enjoying the show and emphasized their fans’ safety by asking them to stay in their seats. The way they spoke to ENGENEs was heartwarming and helped the fans feel connected throughout the performance. 

Standout moments of the night would be them hoping ENGENEs enjoyed their gift, as fans were gifted album sleeves before the concert started. They expressed that while the sleeves are empty now, the album covers would be filled soon as they announced their next album would be released in November. Some days after their performance, it was announced their album ORANGE BLOOD would be released on November 17, 2023. They also had fans with light-sticks do a wave of lights starting on one end to the other, which made a striking visual effect. The fans also sang an early happy birthday to member Heeseung, whose birthday is October 15. 

ENHYPEN fan interactions were incredible as they continuously got ENGENEs to chant with them and even, at one point, came down from the stage to greet nearby fans. They also had a fun segment, asking fans if they wanted to show them their dance moves. They picked fans from the crowd and put them on the stage’s screen as the camera showed them dancing to songs. At one point, one fan was hard to see from the camera’s placement, so one of the members grabbed the camera and pointed to the fan they were addressing so they could show their moves.

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

During the show, members demonstrated their impeccable instrument skills with piano and guitar segments. With a vast discography and fascinating choreography, each member had their moment to shine. The additional visuals on the screen and changing stage added a level of intrigue and added to the changing elements of their songs. They showed that they were influential performers with fantastic stage presence.

They performed songs from their albums DIMENSION : DILEMMA and DIMENSION : ANSWER, EPs BORDER : CARNIVAL, BORDER : DAY ONEMANIFESTO : DAY 1 and DARK BLOOD, and singles “CRIMINAL LOVE,” “One In A Billion,” and “One and Only.” The standout songs of their performance are “Drunk-Dazed,” “FEVER,” “Go Big or Go Home,” “Bite Me,” and “Karma.” They ended their primary performance with the song “Bite Me” before they began their encore segment of songs.

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB

Their encore segment began with their final VCR. Before their last song, each member gave final remarks and said goodbye to the crowd. It was heartfelt as they expressed their love and appreciation to fans for their enthusiastic support. 

Wow, Houston. Hottest city in the States. Hottest in the world! I always think about your energy. Thank you. Thank you! I will keep it in mind and return it to you with new things that will be coming soon. I hope you guys stick around with me, us, ENHYPEN, so keep cheering me and cheering us, ENHYPEN. Thank you, Houston, the hottest in the world!

Heeseung of ENHYPEN

Before the last song, they borrowed cowboy hats from the fans nearest the stage. With that, they began their final song, getting fans to sing the chorus of “Karma.” With a bang of confetti, they teased their actual last song, “One and Only,” remarking on the States’ love for Pikachu as the song is a collaboration between them and Pokémon. And with that final performance, the night ended with the members expressing their love and sending their final goodbyes before leaving the stage. 

Overall, it was a fantastic night full of excitement, fun, cheering, and love that filled the venue. ENHYPEN is a talented group with an amazingly supportive fanbase. Be sure to check them out! Check out our live coverage page for the latest coverage!

Photo courtesy of BELIFT LAB
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