El Alfa: La Leyenda del Dembow Tour Review

Written by on October 18, 2023

El Alfa, el jefe, el criminal, the best arrived at the Smart Financial Center as the first stop of the USA tour of La Leyenda del Dembow Tour.

Thousands of fans flocked in from the greater Houston area on a Thursday afternoon for the Dembow sensation, El Alfa. The Dominican artist has been gaining attraction across the globe as the pioneer of the sound of Dembow for the catchy, repetitive and booming sound that crosses borders.

The night started off with the Dominican artist La Materialsta (the materialist). In a performance filled with choreography and catchy upbeat songs, the performer knew how to start the party in Houston. She performed songs like “Te Lo Compre,” “Taka Taka” and her smash hit, “La Chapa Que Vibran.” Her pearly two-piece outfit shined throughout her set while reminding the ladies in attendance to know their worth.

The star of the night El Alfa came out on stage to the roaring Houston crowd. He wore a black and yellow sweater, jeans, a New York fitted hat and glistening jewelry. El Alfa had great energy throughout the show and his smile and dance moves made the venue feel like a nightclub. The crowd was on their feet the whole night vibing to songs like “Plebada,” “4K” and his feature on Bad Bunny’s “La Romana.” He showed immense love to the Latino community by constantly calling out different countries so they would feel represented, especially the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

“Paramos o segiumos?” said El Alfa as he continued to have a blast on stage. As a surprise for Houston, he brought out the Dominican Artist Kiko El Crazy. Kiko had the opportunity to get on stage and he took full advantage of it. El Alfa and Kiko began to perform together and even had a dance battle. In the end, Kiko had so much energy El Alfa gave in and was just laughing on the side. To end his time on stage Kiko serenaded the Houston crowd with a great cover of “El Rey” by Vicente Fernandez.

El Alfa continued on his show by getting fans’ phones and gladly recording a personal video of him on stage. He did this for multiple fans and at one point his diamond chain snapped off but he continued on. The Dembow pioneer had Houston out of their seats bouncing along with him, including the legendary Johnny Dang.

“Miren como se ponen por estas palabras” (look at the way y’all act because of these words) said El Alfa as he wrapped up his show with “La Mama de La Mama.” The show was one truly entertaining and fun, there was not one song where the crowd was tired or bored. El Alfa is continuing his USA tour so catch him if you can!

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