Owl City To The Moon Tour Review

Written by on October 18, 2023

In celebration of their latest album release, Electro-pop band Owl City brought the To The Moon Tour to House of Blues along with opener, Augustana, on Wednesday night, October 11.


Dan Layus has fronted Augustana as it’s singer and primary songwriter since its formation in 2002. Although the former members separated from the band many years ago, Layus still performs solo under the name Augustana. Dan’s live performance was as raw as his album; showcasing a delicate voice and a keyboard is all he needs to put on a great performance. Layus gives every song his whole heart and the audience felt every moment of it.

As the crowd swayed along, Layus had his heart on his sleeve as he sang each note with passion that moved the audience to their very core. The band performed surprisingly many new songs including “Ash and Ember,” “Stand On My Own” and “Fit Together” along with some tracks from an album set to debut next year. Other songs that the band played that night, “Something Beautiful” their most popular single, “Boston,” and closing out the night with a cover of “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie.


Adam Young, founder and only member of the band Owl City, is on the last leg of the To The Moon tour, in honor of his latest release, Coco Moon. Accompanied by a drummer and cellist, the group played a packed show at the House of Blues. Owl City wowed the crowd with an hour and a half of jams, predictably full of tracks from the new record. Rallied and ready, the crowd greeted Owl City with massive roars and complete chaos when Young entered the stage.

The show kicked off with Adam singlehandedly building the melody of “Cave In” one instrument at a time before diving into the lyrics with his pure vocals. Plenty of songs from Ocean Eyes made it into the show – including “Hot Air Balloon”, “Fireflies” and “Vanilla Twilight.” It’s important to note Young’s energy on stage; the way the band interacted with the audience was very impressive. Both the crowd and young seemed to feed off each other’s energy. When Owl City comes to town, you’re gonna have a good time.

Owl city then closed the night with “Vitamin Sea,” a song of their new album. As Young sung from his heart, fans left the concert satisfied with ringing ears and fond memories.

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