Maisie Peters: The Good Witch Comes To North America Review

Written by on October 12, 2023

Maisie Peters performed her The Good Witch Comes To North America Tour at House of Blues on Thursday, October 5th, 2023. The venue had a large crowd eagerly waiting for the night’s performance to begin.

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First to perform was the night’s opener, Grace Enger, who opened with the performance of “Bad Guy.” Her soothing and soft high melodies while playing her guitar kept a gentle and personal to her performance. While only recently focusing entirely on her artistic career, her EP “Well Here We Are” was released a few months ago. She introduced herself after her first song, expressing her excitement. 

My name is Grace Enger, and I am so excited to be here and play a few songs for you guys tonight!

Grace Enger

She continued the night performing songs from her recently released EP and singing an unreleased song called “Ruin.” She also covered the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, with everyone singing along to the iconic song. She ended her performance with the song “The Neighborhood,” thanked the crowd, and left the stage.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Maisie Peters began her performance with “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” being played on the speakers before she took the stage and started with her opening song, “The Good Witch.” She filled the venue with people singing and dancing along to her songs. The energy was high the entire rest of the night! After the song “Body Better,” Peters spoke to the crowd.

Good evening, Houston! Welcome to the first official Good Witch Tour! I am so excited to be here. I’m pretty sure this is where Beyonce is from, so it does feel like a homecoming for me personally. Thank you so much for coming we are gonna play you a lot of songs from the new album, but first, would you like to hear an older one?

Maisie Peters
Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Afterward, she performed “Love Him I Don’t,” a song from an earlier album. Peters showed her humor and storytelling ability in between songs by explaining the writing process and inspirations behind writing each song. She expanded on her writing process as the two ways she writes are based on her life experiences and the people she meets and gets to know. The other is through her imagination, which began when she was 12. Her song “Wendy” blends both of those writing processes together. 

It was terrific to get insight from the artist herself over her songs’ backstories and creation process, which helped connect the audience to the song more. Before the song “You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man),” she borrowed a pink cowboy hat from Sophia, a fan near the front of the stage. 

Houston, I am very lucky, for I’ve been releasing music for seven years now. So, I’m aware that I have soundtracked a lot of your guys’ lives. I have songs that you played when you first went to high school, in your first car, with your first crush, and when you went to college. I was there for a lot of those experiences, and I really, really would love to play every song that is special to you, but obviously, I can’t. There are so many songs, and I have so f*cking much to say. But what I will do is comprise a little medley of songs from a lot of different eras of my life, which must be a lot of different eras of your life.

Maisie Peters
Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

She also did a spectacular cover of “Night Changes” by One Direction within the medley she sang. She reminded the crowd before the song how, one year ago, she performed at the Bronze Peacock, and seeing familiar faces from the crowd made her feel close to the song “Night Changes,” which is how quickly things have changed. She is now performing at a larger venue in a room full of people enjoying her songs.

She continued interacting with the crowd during the night, getting cheers and laughs from everyone. Peters performed songs from her albums The Good Witch, You Signed Up For This, and singles “Blonde,” “Not Another Rockstar” and “Cate’s Brother.” Standout songs from her performance were “Run,” “Not Another Rockstar” and “History of Man.”

Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Her last song before her encore was “Cate’s Brother,” afterward, the crowd cheered for her to come back on stage. She performed two more songs, “History of Man,” where she invited Enger back onstage to perform with her, and the last song of the night, “Lost the Breakup,” after which she thanked the crowd for their support and left the stage.

Overall, it was a night full of energy and stellar performances from both artists, so be sure to check them out! Their storytelling and lyricism stood out, and I look forward to seeing more from them. Check our live coverage page for the latest coverage!

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