Bishop Briggs + Misterwives: The Don’t Look Down Tour Review

Written by on October 11, 2023

Bishop Briggs and Misterwives performed The Don’t Look Down Tour at House of Blues Houston on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023. Their highly anticipated performance had many eagerly awaiting them to take the stage. 

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First to perform was their opener, Natalie Jane, a contemporary singer-songwriter who captivated the audience with her heartfelt and passionate music. She began her performance with her song “Mentally Cheating,” which set the tone for her performance. Before performing a cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley, she introduced herself to the crowd.

Hello, if you don’t know me, my name is Natalie Jane! And I am so excited to be here tonight to open for Bishop Briggs and Misterwives!

Natalie Jane

She continued to play many of her singles and told stories between songs. One of the stories was a prelude to how important it is to her being able to be the opener for the tour. She described that three years ago, she had her dad take her on a four-hour drive to see Bishop Briggs, where she was at the barricade, and to now open for her, and Misterwives felt like life went full circle. She ended her performance with the song “AVA.” She thanked the crowd and left the stage.

Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Misterwives soon took the stage, opening their performance with the song “Out Of Your Mind.” The indie pop band formed in New York City, energetic melodies had the crowd excited and clapping along to the beat. After “rock bottom,” lead singer Mandy Lee told the public about the tour.

Welcome, welcome to The Don’t Look Down Tour! I promise you we’re gonna give you absolutely everything we have tonight! All I ask of you during our time together is to just allow yourself to feel as free and joyous as possible. So, no matter what you are going through right now, this is your safe space to let it all out. So we are gonna dance it out, cry it out, laugh it out, sweat it out, scream it out, sing it out, we are gonna do whatever it is we have to do to make sure you leave here feeling better than you did when you got here! So don’t fight it feel it!

Mandy Lee of Misterwives
Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Lee’s message came through, with many people dancing and singing along to their songs. Their thoughtful lyrics touching themes of love, self-discovery, and empowerment helped the crowd feel better and fully immerse themselves. They demonstrated their ability as impressive performers with fantastic stage presence and beautiful visuals. They played songs from their vast discography from albums Nosebleeds, SUPERBLOOM, Our Own House and single “Easy/Where Do We Go From Here?” Songs that stood out  in their performance were “Trigger Pull,” “SUPERBLOOM” and “Our Own House.”

Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

During the night, the energy was high, and Lee’s enthusiasm was infectious as she constantly interacted with the crowd and got them excited for each song. She marveled at how amazing her co-headliner Bishop Briggs is and how thankful she is for her OG fans to have helped her get to where she is now. The band ended their performance with the song “Nosebleeds” and afterward expressed their love for the crowd and left the stage. 

Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

Next to take the stage was Bishop Briggs, hyping the crowd up with her opening song, “Art of Survival,” standing on top of one of the platforms on stage. Her powerful vocals filled the venue as she belted the song’s chorus. After the song, she spoke to the crowd, introducing herself and wanting to keep the energy up with the crowd.

It is amazing to be here. Thank you so much for staying! I’m Bishop Briggs, and you know I really want to manifest the best night ever because when I heard you guys for Natalie Jane, and I heard you guys for Misterwives, I was like, man. Hopefully, they give me that same energy. And we’re only one song in, but I can feel it. It’s already good vibes, but I think to solidify it on the count of three, we should yell, “Best Night Ever!”

Bishop Briggs
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The crowd followed her instructions, and everyone cheered as the next song played. The night continued with excellent vocals and stage presence from Briggs, who made sure to have the crowd constantly interacting with her by having segments where she would talk about her life and tell stories about how some of her songs came to be or have the crowd sing along and clap along. She performed songs from her albums Church of Scars, CHAMPION, EP “When Everything Went Dark,” and singles “High Water / Art of Survival,” “Baby,” “Baggage,” “Dream (Acoustic)” and “Revolution.” Standout songs from her performance were “Wild Horses,” “Bad” and “River.” 

Photo courtesy of Andrea Diaz for Coog Radio

She mentioned how she participated in The Masked Singer and won the competition, and to reminisce on the competition, she offered to sing one of the songs she performed on the show, singing a fantastic rendition of “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. She ended her performance with the song that went viral on TikTok, “River,” which ended her performance on a high note. She thanked the crowd for their support and then left the stage.

Overall, it was a night of outstanding performances and powerful vocals. Be sure to check these fantastic artists out if you haven’t! Check our live coverage page for the latest coverage!

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