Tash Sultana Stops in Houston During Their North American Tour

Written by on October 6, 2023

Tash Sultana, along with opener BAILEN, rocked the house with their North American tour, celebrating the release of two memorable albums from each of the performers.


BAILEN, an american alternative family band, blew the audience away with their three-part harmonies and stunning performance. The audience watched in awe as the band poured their emotion on stage.  All three of members of the band took turns in taking lead vocals; even David (percussionist) impressively sang along with easy while simultaneously keeping the beat of the song.

The band played several songs from their latest release, Tired Hearts, during their opening act including, “These Bones,” “Nothing Left to Give,” and “Just Say No,” a song the band famously only performs live and most likely will never record It’s a special gift for those who go to see them live. With the audience properly hyped up, BAILEN wrapped up the set with some songs from their 2019 album, Thrilled To Be Here.


Finally, Tash Sultana, an Australian singer-songwriter, stepped out on stage, and they immediately started looping their instruments one by one. The audience roared as the opening chords of “Mystik” echoed throughout 713 Music Hall. Sultana played each instrument with ease, moving from one to the other without skipping a beat. It was truly a privilege to watch them effortlessly loop each layer of their intricate melodies; a remarkable one-person symphony.

Once the melody was built, the audience was capitivated by Sultana’s powerful, unique voice. The artist played songs such as “Pretty Lady,” “Greed” and “Cigarettes,” while the whole crowd sang the lyrics to each song, leaving them begging for more. Sultana also played songs such as “New York” from their recently released EP titled Sugar EP. Between songs, Sultana shared their journey as a musician with the audience as well as the meaning behind their lyrics.

Even great nights as this one must come to an end and Sultana saved the best for last with “Notion,” and “Jungle,” during which Sultana’s guitar solos amazed the crowd. As Tash closed the show with one more encore song, “Blackbird,” a heartfelt ballad full of raw emotion. It was a memorable night that transcended the power of live music and will be kept dear to our hearts. Tash Sultana will be in Austin for the ACL Festival. Check out Coog Radio’s coverage of the first weekend!

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