Becky G Presents The “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Tour” At Smart Financial Center

Written by on October 4, 2023

On Wednesday September 27, Becky G along with openers Conexión Divina and Awsumo brought Hispanic bliss to Smart Financial Center.

My arrival at the venue was around 7:30pm. I patiently sat in my seat, waiting for Becky G, when the lights dimmed at 8. To my surprise I saw three girls walk on stage, positioning themselves in front of the red curtain. The bassist and two guitarists introduced themselves as an all-girl corrido group named Conexión Divina.

Despite the simple setup, the band’s combination of lead vocals and complex instrumentals allows them to bring the corrido genre to life. They want to prove that women can impact the commonly male-dominated genre. With songs like “Odio,” their first released track, Liz’s deep vocals and sentimental lyrics sway the stage and the genre. The guitarist, Ashlee, and bassist, Sandra, bring complex rhythm with tracks such as “Dime,” “Ser Rumora,” and “Diamantes.”

Along with their originals tracks, they cover fan favorites such as a song from Peso Pluma and a mariachi classic title “Ya Superame.” Despite the tracks being traditionally performed by men, the group brought their own intensity and personality to the songs. For instance, the lead vocals always said “Sheesh” after every song which I found charming. Overall, once the band left the stage I was in awe of their performance and how they bring the Sierrno genre, female empowerment and raw talent toward Generation Z.

As soon as the girl group left the stage, DJ Awsumo appeared to maintain the high energy. He plays remixes of a mixture of Latino, hip-hop, and rock, with Latino classics, such as “La Vida es Una Carnaval,” “Sauvemente,” “La Bamba,” and “La Chona.” A highlight of the show was when he found a similar guitar riff between “Smells Like A Teen” Spirit by Nirvana” and “Ella Baila Sola” by Peso Pluma. Seeing the similarities between my two favorite genres brought joy to my ears.

Before the main act entered the stage, Awsumo closed with some of Becky’s older songs, such as “Play it Again,” “Can’t Stop Dancin,” and “Becky from the Block.” Once he finishes those track stands on the mixer, he exits the stage and the audience maintains a high dance-full energy before Becky G.

It was 9:15 PM when the curtain opened in an array of flashing pink and blue lights. Four dancers then appeared on the stage with perfect choreography. Soon, Becky appears from a large white box dressed to perfection. She has a bright blue tank top, matching leather pants and a whale tail. Her opening song, “MAYORES,” brought an excellent introduction to her elaborate set.

After “MAYORES,” she demolishes the stage with hits such as “FULANITO” and “BAILE CON MI EX.” Her dance moves are clean and precise, never missing a beat. The energy remained upbeat, especially during guitarist Justise’s solo. With a contagious smile, the performer brought bliss along with sage advice. She states during the show

My advice is this [ feeling of sorrow ] should pass! It is never to late to decide that today is a good day.

– Becky G

Along with sage advice, Becky remains interactive with the fans. She chooses someone from the crowd to take a shot with her and constantly thanks her fans for allowing her to perform her first headlining show. As well as shouting out the fans who matched her tour outfits. Her gratitude was prevalent and genuine.

She performs collaboration tracks such as “CHANEL,” “Cuando Te Bese,” and “LA NENA.” She was even joined with Conexción Divina to help with the background instrumentals. During this part of the show, the set design was beautiful. An array of flowers surrounded Becky as she performed heartfelt lyrics.

Additionally, she showed gratitude to her fans and family, dedicating to her grandparents in the song “QUERIDO ABUELO.” Furthermore, Becky G displays her pride in Mexican heritage by dedicating a portion of the show to Tejano singer Selena. A nod to Texas and Mexico, Becky covers famous tracks such as “Como La Flor,” “Baila Esta Cumbia,” “La Carcacha,” and “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

Lastly, she ends her set with an outfit change and performs her most upbeat songs, such as “MALA SANTA,” “Arranca,” “Sin Pijama” and “DOLLAR.” She then ends her set with her most popular English song title, “Shower,” where she performs surrounded by bubbles. Overall, the set design, vibrant energy, and lovely personality made the show unforgettable.

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