Music That Won’t Show Up on My Spotify Wrapped

Written by on November 29, 2023

As we all know, Spotify stops gathering users’ listening data October 31st so their people can present us with our Christmas presents on December 1st: the long-awaited Spotify Wrapped. Though it’s always bugged me a bit that all of my listening activity isn’t shown, I’m especially bugged this year, as I’ve had an active November. I then decided I’d do my own November Wrapped, so here are a few songs, albums, and artists I’ve been listening to.


  1. ESQUINAS by Becky G. 

In my mind, ESQUINAS is Becky G.’s official crossover album. She’s been making music in Spanish for years, yes, but this album is a nod to her Mexican roots, as the songs are all in the regional Mexican Genre. From the 13 new tracks, “CRIES IN SPANISH”, “POR UN AMOR”, and “QUERIDO ABUELO” are my favorites.

  1. Chill Kill by Red Velvet

Red Velvet have added onto their untouchable discography with the release of their third studio album just this month. Chill Kill is definitely on their velvet side, which is characterized by more elegant concepts, haunting melodies, and perfect harmonies. “Knock Knock (Who’s There?)”, “Underwater”, and “One Kiss” are my top three favorites from this album.


  1. Standing Next to You by Jung Kook

Released along with his debut album just this past month, “Standing Next to You” is rapidly becoming one of my most listened to songs. As the lead single, the song demands your attention from the moment it starts to the second it ends. The disco-funk genre is a bold choice for the title track, but definitely the right move, as the K-Pop idol gets to show off his strong vocals and sharp dance moves.

  1. Cobra by Megan Thee Stallion

Rap over a rock instrumental can be a hit or miss in my opinion, but with “Cobra” it works flawlessly. The lyrics are a stark contrast to what the rapper is known for, with heartbreaking lyrics where Megan mourns her parents. The music video highlights the shedding of skin, a great visual metaphor for ridding of the old and entering a new era.


  1. underscores

On my way to class, I like to click on random Spotify-made playlists and listen to them while I walk, which is how I found underscores. I was originally drawn in by the song “Johnny johnny johnny”, and then went on a deep dive into the artist. I recommend their latest album, “Wallsocket”.

  1. Mint Green

As someone who enjoys reading artist bios on Spotify, I was immediately intrigued by the band’s promise to revitalize any subject “with a coolness that escapes legions of modern acts.” I was very pleased with their sound- a cool mesh of pop, alternative, and rock. Though I’m still discovering this artist, my favorite song so far has been “The Siren“.

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