The Houston Homecoming Show: Bōlají, STA!NLESS, Young Wabo and More!

Written by on December 4, 2023

Being a college student is hard enough, but chasing your dream as an artist at the same time makes it even harder. Based in Houston but going to college at Baylor University, Bōlají is an artist whose sound is making waves in the music industry. On November 21 he headlined his first Houston show along with other rising artists STA!NLESS, Young Wabo, Alan Warhol, Teejayrarii, and Maxostiff. 

The homecoming show was at The Compound and it was truly a night to remember. The intimate venue was filled with fans, family, and friends of all the artists; they truly had a whole city behind them.

The first artist on stage was Alan Warhol. The Houston native had a great stage presence with great songs. Some of his songs are “Neva Go Back,” “BAD TING,” and his biggest song “C’mon.”  His charisma and crowd control was a great way to start off the night. 

Next on stage was the dynamic duo of Teejayrarii and Maxostiff. The Houston underground rappers brought an insane energy to the stage. With their all-black outfits, the duo played off each other’s aura onstage very well while making sure each of them had their time to shine. A standout song was “GETTHATSHIT.” 

Young Wabo was next on The Compound stage. Young Wabo was filled with passion throughout his set. You could tell he loved being on stage and interacting with the crowd. Wabo’s sound is more on the experimental rap side of things, with amazing samples and production. He performed songs like “Swords” and his newest single “Somewhere USA.” 

The last opener of the night was STA!NLESS. The Nigerian artist had an amazing stage presence that had you dancing with him. He recently dropped a 3 track EP called WHAT i’VE SEEN that showcased his sound versatility. During his set, he was very interactive with the crowd and even held a fan stage while serenading her. To end his set he brought out Bolaji to perform their track “OWO!”. During this song, both of them showed off their Nigerian roots while dancing. 

Finally, it was time for the star of the night, Bōlají. Bōlají came out in a white button-up and custom-made jeans with “inHale” printed on one leg. Even though he has had a couple of performances under his belt Bōlají emphasized that performing in his hometown was truly something special. With a live band performing behind him, the Baylor student killed it on stage. His dancing, live vocals and crowd love made the night feel great. 

He played songs like “Out of Mind”, “Must Lost Ya’ Mind,” and his viral hit “Lavish.” In the middle of his set, he even changed to another outfit, he rocked an all-brown outfit with pants that now said: “exHale.” Bōlají and the rest openers put on a great show for their hometown, this was a great showcase that Houston talent does not come in one sound. Follow all the artists on their social media for more!

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