A Magical, Musical Show With Madeline The Person

Written by on December 7, 2023

Houston native, Madeline The Person sold out her first headlining show in Houston, Texas.

This month, the singer embarked on her first headline tour consisting of dates in Houston, Los Angeles and New York. While she quickly sold out her hometown show, Madeline is no stranger to touring. She has toured with many artists including The AcesMaisie Peters and Alec Benjamin.

Before her headlining Houston Show, Madeline posted to her socials that she wanted and encouraged fans to dress up in specific themes for the upcoming shows, inspired by show themes Chappell Roan introduced to her tours last year. Houston got a “Flower Power” theme, Los Angeles was “Heart Eyes” theme and New York got a “Rainbow Party” theme. Upon the commencement of Madeline’s show, Emma Ogier graced the stage and gave an opening set.

Emma Ogier by Leila Castillo for Coog Radio

Emma Ogier is a Nashville singer and songwriter, who had her brother alongside two friends on stage for her set. With just a guitar, Emma gave a compelling set with strong vocals. She was sure to amp up fans before Madeline graced the stage. Singing both old and newly released songs, Emma gave a captivating performance.

Emma Ogier by Leila Castillo for Coog Radio

When it was time for Madeline’s appearance, she did not shy away from sticking to the show theme as she came out in a head-to-toe flower set and flower head piece. Fans at the front screamed and cheered, excited to finally be seeing their favorite artist. Madeline started her set with “As A Child,” one of her first singles that what drew audiences to listen to her wonderful world of music.

Madeline sang her whole discography from top to bottom, not missing a song. Right after singing “This Is Why I Broke Up With You,” she brought out a question box where she had fans write the last thing that made them have a tantrum as an introduction to her song “Tantrum.” As she sang the song, she hugged a giant stuffed bear with one eye otherwise known as “Mr. Man,” who had a feature in her “Tantrum” Music Video. As she passed him around the crowd, she said it was “Mr. Man’s first crowd surf!”. After making the crowd giggle, she sang  “Baby Boy” and “Step On Flowers,” two songs from her third EP, Chapter 3: The Burning.

Though the singer’s songs are very heart wrenching and cover various topics such as grief, loss and heartbreak, she takes pride in making music that even bugs could dance to, if they could. After singing “Step On Flowers,” Madeline asked her guitarist Maya Singh to help her create a mashup of classic music that included “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “The Duck Song” and “Monkeys on the Bed,” all to the same rhythm.

Madeline’s show was filled with tiny joyful moments, representing the meaning of having fun, and tiny instruments. After her mashup, she asked her band members Heather Rivas (keys), Becca Webster (drums), and Maya Singh (guitar) to come out on stage wearing funny hats and tiny instruments, to which they helped her play “Growing Pains” while rocking out with kazoos. The venue was radiating with joy and sparkle.

For the finale of the show, Madeline sang “Watercolor Flowers,” “August,” and her most popularly known song “Mean!” to which the crowd did not hold back on volume. After the show, Madeline came out to greet everyone who attended the show, both family, friends and fans.

Madeline The Person by Leila Castillo for Coog Radio

To see Madeline The Person on her headline tour visit here!

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