That Mexican OT takes over the Home Run Dugout

Written by on December 15, 2023

It was a cold and windy night when the city of Katy, Texas came out from all ages to the Home Run Dugout to see the Texan native That Mexican OT. 

Bay City’s own, That Mexican OT, is an artist whose sound is refreshing due to mixing hip hop and country in multiple songs. Known for his deep southern accent and eye-catching tattoos, Mexican OT is an artist whose career is barely starting. 

The night started with a set from DJ Curfew. He entertained the crowd for a while by playing songs across genres like pop, hip-hop, and some regional Mexican music. He had the crown going until the star of the night arrived on stage. 

That Mexican OT came out in a black graphic tee, shorts from his merch and his signature cowboy hat. The sold-out crowd went wild when he hit the stage. His charisma and confidence on stage kept the crowd ecstatic throughout his performance. He performed songs like “Barrio” and “Hit List” from his hit album Lonestar Luchador

During his set, That Mexican OT made sure to show made love to the city of Katy. He signed multiple cowboy hats, plushies, and went down to get real one-on-one with the crowd. In the front, he saw a little boy holding up a sign that said “All I want for my 10th birthday is to go on stage with That Mexican OT!”, and he did just that. The boy was elated when he hit the stage and got his hoodie signed as well. That Mexican OT is an artist whose music is catchy and unique so seeing him personify that on stage was a great thing. To close out his show he plates his hits “Cowboy Killer” and “Johnny Dang.” He is continuing his tour so catch him if you can!

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